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Griffin T. Garnett

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Griffin T. Garnett enlisted in the Navy in 1943.  Eventually, became the executive officer of a LSM 130. He and his crew were subsequently deployed to Panama, New Guinea, and finally the Philippines, where they fought in the Invasion of Balikpapan. After World War Two, Griffin T. Garnett passed the Virginia Bar and began his legal career.  In his 80s, he began his second career as a writer.  Griffin T. Garnett is the author of: The Sandscrapers; Marcus; and, Taboo Avenged.


According to the book description of the The Sandscrapers, it is “an adventure novel dealing primarily with a small segment of amphibious forces of the U.S. Navy during World War II. The volume narrates the loves, intrigues, adventures, successes, failures, lives and deaths of certain crew members aboard a small ship in the little-known and unheralded "Landing Ship Medium (LSM) Program." The story begins at the Charleston, South Carolina Navy Yard, moves on to the Little Creek Amphibious Base at Norfolk, Virginia, and from there through the southwest Pacific theatre of war. The novel ends in the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. Though the identified ship, its nomenclature, and its crew are fictitious, the class of ship is factual.”


According to the book description of the Marcus, it “is a story of adventure, intrigue and romance. It’s a story for everyman—patriotism; murder; gambling; true love and friendship; life’s inner workings. It is a story that’s satisfying—the reader is taken high and low—and after breathlessness—is left satisfied. Danny and I found this to be enjoyable reading that demands to be read in its entirety. Each page seemed to scream for the next page—you have to know what follows. For us, this was good reading, well written and filled with excitement—excitement to be found in all the different avenues of life. We’re not professionals in any sense of the word—our assessment—a great book. P.S. Excellent character portrayals.” —Dan and Virginia (Dan and Virginia are two of the author’s reading committee for Marcus. They are retired RADM D.K. Wetzenfeld and his wife, Virginia. She was a creative writing teacher.)”

Taboo Avenged
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The Sandscrapers: A Forgotten Navy
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The Sandscrapers
Griffin T. Garnett  More Info

According to the book description of the Taboo Avenged, it “is the intriguing psychological thriller and second novel in a series. Greg Morgan, the protagonist of Garnett's first book, The Sandscrapers, unravels a strange and forbidding murder at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. that leads him back to the island of Bora Bora and a series of unexpected discoveries and characters. A taboo, a lost memory and its return, and unusual settings make this book a compelling read. This novel is part of a quartet tracing the uncommon wartime and post-war lives of Greg Morgan, Benjamin Feldman, Ralph Farqua, and other characters who served together in the Pacific during World War II.”

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