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Gene Ralston

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Commander Gene Ralston, USN (ret.) served over 30 years in the United States Navy.  For the first twelve years he served in the enlisted ranks, rising to Chief Petty Officer.  As an officer, he rose to the rank of Commander.  During his career, he served in a variety of ship, shore and staff positions.  A graduate of Naval Post Graduate school, he majored in International Relations.  After his Naval Service, Commander Gene Ralston had a ten year career in retail sales and service; another ten year career in Christian service and a short career in law enforcement and public accounting.  Commander Gene Ralston is the author of Okie Boy - The Great Depression and World War II.

According to the book description of  Okie Boy — The Great Depression and World War II, “Not everyone who lived on an Oklahoma farm during the 1930s, the time known for the “dust bowl,” abandoned their farms and headed for California. Although many suffered crop failures and financial ruin, there were just as many or more who were able to make it through. The dust bowl, coupled with the Great Depression which struck America at the same time, resulted in hardship and suffering, both for the farmers who went looking for a new life, and for those who were able to stick it out.


This book is a story about a family who “stuck it out.” Gene Ralston tells the story of the lives of a family of seven who lived in a two-room house, scratching out their lives on a dry-land farm, running a few cattle and several hundred White Leghorn chickens. Without running water, electricity or a telephone, the family existed on a survival level, gradually growing out of it as their fortunes improved. Having survived the dust bowl, the family was dumped into the rationing and shortages we all experienced during World War Two.

Okie Boy-The Great Depression and World War II
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This book is about people. Real live people, some with real, live problems, such as one epileptic brother, another who was an alcoholic, some real characters, such as the real live cowboy, Gene’s Uncle George Ralston, larger than life and a legend in his own time. This book is filled with these people, and tells the inside story of them and of Gene and his family.”

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