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Diana J. Cosby

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Chief Diana J. Cosby, USN, retired from the United States Navy after 24 years of service. Chief Diana J. Cosby is the author of His Captive and His Woman.

According to the book description of His Woman, “Lady Isabel Adair is the last woman Sir Duncan MacGruder wants to see again, much less be obliged to save. Three years ago, Isabel broke their engagement to become the Earl of Frasyer's mistress, shattering Duncan's heart and hopes in one painful blow. But Duncan's promise to Isabel's dying brother compels him to rescue her from those determined to bring down Scottish rebel Sir William Wallace. Betraying the man she loved was the only way for Isabel to save her father, but every moment she spends with Duncan reminds her just how much she sacrificed. No one could blame him for despising her, yet Duncan's misgivings cannot withstand a desire that has grown wilder with time. Now, on a perilous journey through Scotland, two wary lovers must confront both the enemies who will stop at nothing to hunt them down, and the secret legacy that threatens their passion and their lives.”


One reader of His Woman said, “I just feel I have to share this with fellow readers of Diana Cosby--if you think His Captive was a lustful historical romp through Scotland's somewhat ancient past--you are really in for a wonderful surprise--with her newest book called His Woman--while they can be read separately with almost equal results--this new volume shows the direction and future of this new author to best advantage; there is little question that one day soon she will be up there with the greats of this genre. To be quite honest--I just couldn't put the novel down--hope she gets busy and does the next in the line so I can be up all night again finding the outcome of her wonderful storyline...Thank you Ms. Cosby for giving me a great night and adventure...keep writing and we all will keep reading.”

His Woman (Zebra Historical Romance)
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His Captive (Zebra Debut)
Diana J. Cosby  More Info

According to the book description of His Captive, “With a wastrel brother and a treacherous former fiancé, Lady Nichola Westcott hardly expects the dangerously seductive Scot who kidnaps her to be a man of his word. Though Sir Alexander MacGruder promises not to hurt her, Nichola's only value is as a pawn to be ransomed.Alexander's goal is to avenge his father's murder, not to become entangled with the enemy. But his desire to keep Nichola with him, in his home - in his bed - unwittingly make her a target for those who have no qualms about shedding English blood. Now Nichola is trapped - by her powerful attraction to a man whose touch shakes her to the core. Unwilling and unable to resist each other, can Nichola and Alexander save a love that has enslaved them both?”


One reader of His Captive said, “Sir Alexander MacGruder was a man on a mission. He wanted revenge on the bloody English who murdered his father. He wanted to defeat the English Lords from taking away any more rights and lives from his homeland, Scotland. Thus decided, he was to kidnap the Baron of Monceaux, an adviser to King Edward, and hold him for ransom. His path was clear, but a lovely English lady caught him unawares: the sister of his enemy, Lady Nichola Westcott. What was a man to do in this situation? Why not take the Lady instead, and hope he can withhold his heart at the same time.


This new author has told a tale of love and hope, when Scottish were against the English. Ms Crosby is a true talent in storytelling. She writes a prose so well, that this reader did not want the story to end. I can't wait til the next one. Bravo!”

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