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David Glover

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David Glover graduated from the United States Naval Academy and after 18 months of additional training reported to the nuclear powered submarine USS Memphis.  In 1995, at the age of 23, he was diagnosed with cancer.  According to David Glover, “My cancer treatment consisted of an initial biopsy, radiation, a second surgery and more radiation. While lying in the hospital, I formulated a new goal: I wanted to compete in and, perhaps more importantly, finish a triathlon to prove to myself that I had beaten the cancer.”  Today, David Glover is a full-time professional athlete, race director, triathlon coach and author.  David Glover is the author of Full Time & Sub-Nine.


According to the book description of Full Time & Sub-Nine it “offers a new outlook on meeting the demands of a vigorous triathlon training schedule while maintaining a "normal" life. It provides useful information for triathletes training at all distances, insight into lessons learned by a successful longtime endurance athlete and cancer survivor, practical training fundamentals, and methods for dealing with and preventing overtraining.”

Full Time & Sub-Nine
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