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David J. Carey

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Captain David J. Carey, USN (ret.) graduated from the United States Naval Academy and then entered flight training in September of 1964.  According to David J. Carey, “I flew the A-4 Skyhawk in VA-163 off the USS Oriskany in the Gulf of Tonkin in the fall of 1966 and summer of 1967.”  According to the POWNETWORK, “On August 31, three pilots from the ORISKANY were shot down on a particularly wild raid over Haiphong. The Air Wing had been conducting strikes on Haiphong for two consecutive days. On this, the third day, ten aircraft launched in three flights.”  On that day David J. Carey’s aircraft was shot down. The POWNETWORK continued, “Stafford and Carey were captured and held in various prisoner of war camps until their release in Operation Homecoming on March 14, 1973.”  David J. Carey is the author of The Ways We Choose: Lessons for Life from a POW's Experience.

The Ways We Choose: Lessons for Life from a POW's Experience
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According to the book description of The Ways We Choose: Lessons for Life from a POW's Experience, “retired Navy pilot Dave Carey tells the story of how he and his fellow POWs survived more than five years in the prisons of North Vietnam. He analyzes the strengths and strategies that made their survival possible and shows how these forms of faith--in self, others, country, and God--can carry everyone through personal and business crises. A moving epilogue tells of his wife's battle with breast cancer and her death, and how the same strengths helped her and those around her.”

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