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Carl A. Nelson

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Captain Carl A. Nelson, USN (ret.) “enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Upon completing boot camp and Class 'A" Electricians mate he then stayed on to play for the at Great Lakes Naval Training Station varsity basketball team. In the winter of 1950, while waiting assignment to a ship he received a telephone call from a high school friend, George Frazier. George told him a third alternate congressional appointment to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD was available -- would he like to try?


Captain Carl A. Nelson's life immediately changed. Instead of orders to sea duty, he was assigned to the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport Rhode Island where he again played varsity basketball and studied for the entrance exam. Upon passing, he entered Annapolis where he played plebe and junior varsity basketball, became a leader of his class as a company commander. He was commissioned into the line as an Ensign on June 1st with class of 1956.”

During his Naval Career, Captain Carl A. Nelson served both at sea and shore duties.  Including: USS Gary (DER 326); USS Decatur (DD 936); USS Cocopa (ATF 101); the Naval Academy; Naval Post Graduate School; USS Cook (FF 1083); and, USS Worden (CG-18) .


Captain Carl A. Nelson “retired from active navy duty after 33 years of service in 1982 with eighteen military awards and decorations including the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star "V", two Air Medals, Combat Action Medal, several Navy Commendations, and many foreign decorations.”

Captain Carl A. Nelson, USN (ret.) is the author of Secret Players; The Advisor (Cô-vân); Madam President and the Admiral; Import/Export: How to Get Started in International Trade; Exporting: A Manager's Guide To The World Market; Protocol for Profit: A Manager's Guide to Competing Worldwide; and, International Business: A Manager's Guide to Strategy in the Age of Globalism.


According to the book description of Secret Players, “This work of historical fiction opens with a tale of gripping terror then chronicles the story of the lives of the protagonists and their families which become intertwined during the last half of the twentieth century, moving back and forth between America and Japan. Secret Players is about international intrigue and behind-the-scenes power run amok. But it is also a metaphor for the hate existent in the modern world of terror. The finale is between the two men and their wives who intervene and shakes the reader in light of 9/11.”

According to the book description of The Advisor (Cô-vân), “Fighting for freedom, Commander Blake Lawrence, an oceangoing destroyer officer, adapts to a foreign culture and treacherous riverine guerrilla warfare in the Rung Sat Special Zone (RSSZ) to fight the Vietcong and his own admiral to protect the most strategic river in the Vietnam War. Set during the last days of the war, Blake and his Marine and sailor advisors turn over their equipment and fly back to America believing they have left their counterparts in the South strong enough to defend themselves. In 1975, back at sea in command of a destroyer, Blake witnesses "Black April," the loss of South Vietnam's freedom.”


According to the book description of Madam President and the Admiral, “Madam President and the Admiral is a powerful, unforgettable political military thriller about a woman president who sends her lover to war against China.  "Let me play this back," President Cass said as she scanned her advisors. “Russia and China are poised to fight over a border dispute and an oil pipeline. If war breaks out, they will need to replace that oil. They expand by taking the Spratly Islands, then take control of the mid-East oil trade route and risk a world war? China fights Russia and takes us and Taiwan on at the same time? None of it makes sense." She took a deep breath. "I have followed China and this is out of character. This could be about oil or property, or both, but my take is it’s about something else. Something we’ve never faced before. As commander-in-chief, I will decide.”

According to the book description of International Business: A Manager's Guide to Strategy in the Age of Globalism, “This book is designed to explain to managers the international business system. The book covers all aspects of modern international business including the USSR's entry into the free world market, the expansion of economic integration such as EC-92 and NAFTA. This title shows how nation/state boundaries are overlaid by a global business system resulting in an international trade linkage to economic development. Subject matter is treated in terms of how businesses can and do interact with governments which use laws to manipulate business for their nation's economic advantage.”

Secret Players
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The Advisor
Carl A. Nelson  More Info

Madam President and the Admiral
Carl Nelson  More Info

Import/Export: How to Get Started in International Trade
Carl Nelson  More Info

Exporting: A Manager's Guide to the World Market
Carl A. Nelson  More Info

Protocol for Profit: A Manager's Guide to Competing Worldwide
Carl A. Nelson  More Info

International Business: A Manager's Guide to Strategy in the Age of Globalism
Carl A. Nelson  More Info

According to the book description of Import/Export: How to Get Started in International Trade, “This book answers scores of questions that often puzzle people new to the field. What makes a specific product a good choice for importing or exporting? How do importers/exporters make overseas sourcing contacts? Marketing contacts? How do they get an export license? How do they deal with the customs maze? How do they protect trade marks and patents? What does it cost to start an import/export business?”


According to the book description of Exporting: A Manager's Guide to the World Market, “This book is for all forward thinking people interested in international trade: entrepreneurs, managers and decision makers. But it is particularly useful for those small- and medium-sized manufacturing and service companies which are ready for new challenges. The book covers every aspect of the exporting process including negotiations, the contract, terms of sale, pricing, insurance, the market plan, how to use intermediaries and much, much more. It explains how to get started for those who are venturing into the global arena for the first time. It is also for those businesses large or small already in international business who want to learn how to expand.”

According to the book description of Protocol for Profit: A Manager's Guide to Competing Worldwide, “This book is designed to show managers the key business conditions, practices and protocol for 135 countries including emerging trading nations such as Mexico, Russia, China and Vietnam. The book takes an international (and not solely US approach) to protocol, examining correct etiquette, business conditions and procedures. This is a professional 'how to' book that offers a smattering of theory but concentrates on chunks of practical information in a country by country format.”

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