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Carl A. Nelson

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Captain Carl A. Nelson, USN (ret.) “enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Upon completing boot camp and Class 'A" Electricians mate he then stayed on to play for the at Great Lakes Naval Training Station varsity basketball team. In the winter of 1950, while waiting assignment to a ship he received a telephone call from a high school friend, George Frazier. George told him a third alternate congressional appointment to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD was available -- would he like to try?


Captain Carl A. Nelson's life immediately changed. Instead of orders to sea duty, he was assigned to the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport Rhode Island where he again played varsity basketball and studied for the entrance exam. Upon passing, he entered Annapolis where he played plebe and junior varsity basketball, became a leader of his class as a company commander. He was commissioned into the line as an Ensign on June 1st with class of 1956.”


During his Naval Career, Captain Carl A. Nelson served both at sea and shore duties.  Including: USS Gary (DER 326); USS Decatur (DD 936); USS Cocopa (ATF 101); the Naval Academy; Naval Post Graduate School; USS Cook (FF 1083); and, USS Worden (CG-18) .


Captain Carl A. Nelson “retired from active navy duty after 33 years of service in 1982 with eighteen military awards and decorations including the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star "V", two Air Medals, Combat Action Medal, several Navy Commendations, and many foreign decorations.”


Captain Carl A. Nelson, USN (ret.) is the author of  Boot Camp Buddies, Annapolis: The Making of a Naval Officer, Madam President and the Admiral, The Message of the Puzzle Ring: A True Story That Can Change Your Life (and the World), Import/Export: How to Take Your Business Across Border, Import/Export: How to Get Started in International Trade, Secret Players, The Advisor: Co-Van, Exporting: A Manager's Guide to the World Market and Protocol for Profit: A Manager's Guide to Competing Worldwide.


According to the book description of Boot Camp Buddies, “as a former enlisted sailor and officer in the United States Navy, Carl Nelson is well suited to write this book. In his first career, he rose from boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Station in Wisconsin to a highly decorated Navy captain by way of Annapolis and a naval career that spanned more than thirty-three years. It included duty as faculty at West Point and Annapolis, four tours of duty in the Vietnam War. His sea assignments included commanding officer of the guided missile cruiser U.S.S. Worden CG-18, the frigate U.S.S. Cook FF-1083, the towing/salvage vessel U.S.S. Cocopa ATF 101, and as the senior military advisor (Commanding Officer) of sailors and Marines in the Rung Sat Special Zone (RSSZ), a brown water riverine unit. Since retirement from the Navy he has earned a doctorate, taught as a professor and is now an author listed in Whos Who in California, 1989, Whos Who in America, 2006, Whos Who in American Education, 2006, and Whos Who in the World, 2007.”

According to the book description of Annapolis: The Making of a Naval Officer, “This is the fourth book in the Blake Lawrence series. Graduates of the Naval Academy might recognize that this story could span any period of the twentieth century with a little spilled over on each side. In this case Blake enters the Naval Academy during the middle of the 20th century and faces the barriers and challenges placed in front of young men (and more recent, women) who aspire to a naval career: academic as well as hazing. It takes him into heroic situations both at sea and ashore in foreign places. Lawrence is based on situations that actually happened at Annapolis. The stories have, of course, been embellished to protect the innocent as well as the author and his friends; the names, characters, places and incidents are used fictitiously. The characters are composites and any resemblance to real people living or dead is entirely coincidental.”

According to the book description of Madam President and the Admiral, "Let me play this back" President Cass said as she scanned her advisors. "Russia and China are poised to fight over a border dispute and an oil pipeline. If war breaks out, they will need to replace that oil. They expand by taking the Spratly Islands, then take control of the mid-East oil trade route and risk a world war? China fights Russia and takes us and Taiwan on at the same time? None of it makes sense." She took a deep breath. "I have followed China and this is out of character. This could be about oil or property, or both, but my take is it's about something else. Something we've never faced before. As commander-in-chief, I will decide."

According to the book description of Import/Export: How to Take Your Business Across Border, “Fully revised and updated-the go-to guide from an expert on international trade.  Doing business across national borders is more profitable than ever. In the exhaustively revised fourth edition, Import/Export provides step-by-step guidance to show you how to take part in the booming world economy.”

According to the book description of Secret Players, it “about international intrigue and behind-the-scenes power run amok. But it is also a metaphor for the dangers of a few elitists conspiring to formulate a strategy for a New World Order without consulting the people. Taking the reader to Pittsburgh, Detroit, Saginaw, Washington, Paris, Tokyo, and Taiwan, this story shows how the lives of five strong women and four determined men become intertwined during the last half of the twentieth century. Two veterans who faced each other during World War II set out to change the world. Buck Steele, who wants to be rich, is determined not to live a Pittsburgh steel mill life.Sako Amanuma, out of hatred and shame, against the private wishes of his wife becomes the Shadow Shogun of Japan with a strategy to conquer the United States. Buck's accidental wife, Carrick, takes him to Detroit and introduces him to the Cass family of Saginaw. Buck then grows the CASS Corporation into America's first billion-dollar conglomerate and a target for take-over by the Shadow Shogon.”

According to the book description of Import/Export: How to Get Started in International Trade, “A thoroughly updated new edition of the premier guide to international trade now features a special section on the e-commerce revolution. Dr. Carl Nelsons acclaimed resource for beginners venturing into the import/export business is more timely and action-oriented than ever in this fully revised Third Edition. Showcasing an indispensable new chapter on the ins and outs of e-commerce and how to take advantage of all of cyberspaces exciting possibilities, Import/Export also features a range of new material and guidance. Nelsons practical, easy-to-follow approach covers all the basics, including choosing a product, making contacts, and cutting through government red tape.. Carl E. Nelson (Chula Vista, CA) is the author of Global Success: International Business Tactics for the 1990s and Managing Globally: . A Complete Guide to Competing Worldwide.”

According to the book description of Exporting: A Manager's Guide to the World Market, “The book is aimed at everyone at management level involved in international trade. It is particularly useful to managers with small- and medium-sized manufacturing and service companies growing toward new international challenges. The book will show the 'do it yourself' approach to exporting as well as how best to recruit and use intermediary help. This title focuses on how exporters can compete successfully in a global market. It shows how to get your export business started and how to expand it globally.”





According to the book description of The Advisor: Co-Van, “The Advisor happens to be set during the Vietnam War, but its message is universally applicable -- the characters could be State Department, Peace Corps, or soldiers in Bosnia. What sets The Advisor apart from many other novels written about Vietnam? This provocative story deals with the complexities of being an advisor to foreigners in wartime: a clash of cultures, combat action and political intrigue. Played out through Viet Cong as well as American and South Vietnamese characters, the book narrates both sides of that strange war. More than just an action-adventure story, The Advisor is driven by historical intrigue, gripping drama, and haunting romance suffused with the mystery and seduction of the orient. It begins in the summer of 1972, the last year of the war, before the U.S. military left South Vietnam, and ends in 1975 when the last Americans are evacuated. This metaphoric novel challenges the Domino Theory -- the premise of the Vietnam War, while spinning a tale of protecting the Long Tau Channel, the most strategic waterway in the campaign. Commander Blake Lawrence, a blue water sailor, is unwillingly thrust into the Rung Sal Special Zone, a place he does not want to be, among a people whose culture he doesn't understand, and a kind of war he is unprepared to fight. As the Senior Advisor, he struggles to sort out several moral dilemmas: Will he be court-martialed and lose his destroyer command? Who is correct -- his boss, Rear Adm. Paulson, or his Vietnamese counterpart, Captain Duc-Lang? The ethics of dealing with guerrillas. What should he do about the women in his life -- his wife, Beverly, who is fed-up with Navy life, and the temptation of infidelity withseductive Peg Thompson? What's more important -- a North Vietnamese Colonel named Tu or the Russian AT3 rockets, his integrity of his destroyer command? What's the war about -- Communism or Dynastics? At the end of the book, we find Blake back at sea in command of a destroyer, where he witnesses the final American withdrawal in 1975. We learn what happened after his days as an advisor, and why he is invited to return to fight.”

According to the book description of Protocol for Profit: A Manager's Guide to Competing Worldwide, “This book examines key business practices and protocol in 135 countries including emerging trading nations such as Mexico, Russia, China and Vietnam. The book takes an international to protocol, examining correct etiquette and business procedures. Protocol for Profit is a professional book that offers theory but concentrates on chunks of practical information in a country by country format.”


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