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Bernie L. Calaway

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Captain Bernie L. Calaway, USN (ret.) a retired Navy Chaplin with 28 years of service holds “a BA degree from Baylor University majoring in English and religion with a minor in history and a Masters of Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Supplemental coursework includes Marriage Counseling, Rape Crisis Counseling Certification, and Psychology of Personality and Adjustment.”  He “served as a pastor for two years prior to joining the U.S. Navy and has taught junior high, high school, and adjunct college courses in religion, history, psychology, and business ethics.”


Captain Bernie L. Calaway is the author of Revealing the Revelation: A Guide to the Literature of the Apocalypse; Revelation for Regular Readers; Forty-Four Fun Fables; Discernment from Daniel; and, Oracles from Olivet: The Eschatological Jesus.  He is also a co-author of Operation Revelation: A Teen's Script to Earth's Final Curtain.


According to the book description of Revelation for Regular Readers, “Everybody knows Revelation is a weird writing. Grasping its message is not often easy and probably not first choice for a night's fireside reading. Nevertheless, most inquirers recognize the book's insights and prophecies as crucial to our lives. We need a guide to ease us through the complexities and out the other side with understanding and inspiration. Look no further. Revelation for Regular Readers tumbles out page after page of dependable discernment with engaging entertainment. None of us are "dummies" who want weak scholarship to push us through Revelation; most are "average" readers who would simply welcome a little help along the way. Revelation for Regular Readers is logically organized, solidly written, and glazed with humor and common sense. You won't regret plunking down a little change and settling in. Revelation speaks to the new millennium and now, thankfully, we can hear it clearly.”


According to the book description of Operation Revelation: A Teen's Script to Earth's Final Curtain, “Armageddon. Judgment Day. Apocalypse. You’re curious about the “end times,” but isn’t the Bible’s Book of Revelation a little too weird to understand? Your world is a topsy-turvy mix of social strife, political controversy, natural disasters, and terrorism. It’s easy to feel threatened and anxious about life’s challenges and opportunities. Yet Revelation provides solid answers to those who choose to look. Authors Calaway and Ledford have managed to tame some of Revelation’s fear factor and provide a fast-paced script to its mysterious characters and plot. Still, the meat of the Revelation message (and hope for the future) comes through. Note: Designed expressly for the teens themselves, Operation Revelation’s evangelistic appeal makes it ideal not only for teenaged Christians (including those new to the faith), but also any who are seeking spiritual roots. (P.S. The book does include a leader’s guide so that the material can be taught as a youth study if desired.)”


According to the book description of Oracles from Olivet: The Eschatological Jesus, “Finding material concerning any end-of-the-world-tinged subject is easy. But what information is reliable? Which theories are faith-based and biblically sound? Does everything have to be complex, scary, or sensational? To harvest the best answers, doubtless we should look to the best source. There is none better, of course, than Jesus Christ himself. His discourse from Mt. Olivet, near Jerusalem, was the final and most detailed revelation given during his earthly ministry. As a fortunate bonus, the book you are holding will help clarify the intricacies of the end-time message for today’s generation. Oracles from Olivet could easily become your primer for futuristic thinking. Every page offers reasoning that is clear, concise, and, yes, even entertaining. Paraphrases tame the tough theological words and illustrative fables flavor the text. You won’t be disappointed—you’ll be thrilled.”

Operation Revelation: A Teen's Script to Earth's Final Curtain
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Revelation for Regular Readers
Bernie L Calaway  More Info

Oracles from Olivet: The Eschatological Jesus
Bernie L. Calaway  More Info

Discernment From Daniel
Bernie L. Calaway  More Info
Forty-Four Fun Fables
Bernie L. Calaway  More Info
Revealing the Revelation: A Guide to the Literature of the Apocalypse
Bernie L. Calaway  More Info

According to the book description of Discernment from Daniel, “The biblical book of Daniel has fascinated readers for centuries. Does the intrigue center on flashy apocalyptic writing, the oh-so-very-human stories, or the mysterious futuristic narrative? Whatever the appeal, all Daniel explorers inevitably bump up against some literary curiosities and prophetic perplexities along the way. Fortunately for every Daniel fan, both admirers and questioners, we now have Discernment from Daniel. Here the prophecy's allurement and its secrets are revealed for us in a substantial--but thankfully entertaining--narrative. There's even a splash of poetry, humor, and dream reverie to add a pinch of spice. Then, we close with a quartet of Appendices and a thorough Index for further historical study. Discernment from Daniel uniquely mixes the inspirational and the academic--a rare blessing. What the prophecy has to say in our new millennium is nothing short of profound, so it's nice to hold a book that lights the way with some solid text and smart writing.”

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