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Anthony J. Chibbaro

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Anthony J. Chibbaro graduated from the University of South Carolina and was commissioned an Ensign in the US Navy.  He served during the Vietnam War aboard the USS Oriskany (CVA-34) and survived its 1966 fire that killed 44 fellow officers and sailors.  Anthony Chibbaro is the author of The Dream Warrior: A Viet Nam War Veteran's Memoir.


According to the book description of The Dream Warrior: A Viet Nam War Veteran's Memoir, “with elements of suspense and emotion, The Dream Warrior is designed to capture the imagination as well as to provoke serious thought and reflection about one's life. It continually asks the question: "Does a man have but one destiny?" How does a man or woman get to be the person they become? What unknown forces determine what a person feels; what a person thinks; and what life a person gets to live? How does a person handle their thoughts and feelings? How does a person handle the adversities and challenges that they face throughout their life? And when a person reaches the "September of their years", what gives them satisfaction when they look back at their life?”

The Dream Warrior: A Viet Nam War Veteran's Memoir
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