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Allan Forst Geimer

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Commander Allan Forst Geimer, USN (ret.) “is a retired naval aviation commander with over twenty years in the intelligence field. In military intelligence, code breakers often use word patterns, trends and frequency of usage to break enemy codes.”  He is the author of I Can Read, You Can Read: Basic Reading Teaching Guide; 1234 Read: The Phonics Counterpart; and, Crossroads: Life & Career Transitions.  He is also the co-author of Its Your Future: Plan for Success.


According to the book description of 1234 Read: The Phonics Counterpart, “The best way to learn to read is phonics. But there needs to be a better way to teach common NON-Phonetic words. We developed a counterpart to phonics by analyzing the usage of all the words in the English language to see which words are used most frequently. We found that 1,576 words are used 62% of the time. Teaching phonics while learning the 1,576 most common words first makes learning to read more effeve.


1234 Read: The Phonics Counterpart can help you with phonics and non-phonetic words, give you a clear path to follow to teach reading and give you the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes with giving anyone, of almost any age, the ability to learn to read.”

1234 Read: The Phonics Counterpart
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I Can Read, You Can Read: Basic Reading Teaching Guide
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Crossroads: Life & Career Transitions
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Its Your Future: Plan for Success
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