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Theo V. Bennett

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Former Marine Theo V. Bennett “has called Ohio home for most of his life. His years of experience in Communications began with his Marine Corps training. He used this knowledge with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, The Central Intelligence Agency, and the A.T.&T. Company. His formal education includes a degree from the University of Dayton, Ohio. Theo V. Bennett served in the United States Marine Corps between 1950 and 1953.  Theo V. Bennett is the author of Vieques Island: A Few Good Men on Radio Hill and Yemassee Station: Where it All Began.


According to the book description of Vieques Island: A Few Good Men on Radio Hill, “Experience with Sgt. Elbo Janes and Cpl. T.V. Bennett the explosion of an atomic bomb at Desert Rock, Nevada. Sail with them to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico on Navy ships. Meet John, the Merchant of Vieques, who came to Radio Hill on horseback bringing orange pop, bread, or a woman in a red dress. Watch as Banshee fighter planes off the Carrier USS Midway, strafe, shell and spread fiery Napalm on the Eastern end of Vieques. Take an inside look at the fun, the fights and the loves of these Marines on liberty in New York, San Juan and Havana. Laugh at some of their escapades as they try to live up to their own motto: "Hell, we're Marines: We can do anything we want to do!" Share in their growth as individuals and the building of life-long friendships.”


According to the book description of Yemassee Station: Where it All Began, “A Cold War, Korean War story revolving around the activities of a few young men who enlisted in the Marine Corps in the 1950s. Arriving at the Receiving Barracks, Yemassee Train Station, South Carolina these Recruits received their first taste of Marine Corps discipline. But the Yemassee Station reception was red carpet, compared with the welcome that Drill Instructor Tucker Boone gave them at Parris Island. Written for readers Seventeen and older, persons interested in becoming Marines can follow Benny, Jay Winder, Elbo Janes, Cheesy Dean and others as they gain their freedom by graduating from Parris Island. Their development into the top radio-telegraph operators of the Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, is a story of itself. Underlying what these young Jarheads told their mothers, and the success they had in radio school courses, the rest of their personalities emerge. The rest of the story takes the reader on liberty in St. Thomas, San Juan, Havana Cuba(during Batista), Las Vegas and New York. The question is; after living with these Marines for three years will the reader conclude that these are men of character?”

Vieques Island: A Few Good Men on Radio Hill
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Yemassee Station: Where it All Began
Theo V. Bennett  More Info

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