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T. Jack Lewis

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T. Jack Lewis was born in Chicago Illinois in 1957. Growing up in a traditional suburban home, he longed for travel and adventure. He found that when he joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. His assignments have included working with the Kuwaiti Air Force, The British R.A.F., the Philippine Marines, the Japanese Self Defense Forces and the South Korean Air Force and Marines. He draws extensively on these experiences when depicting events in his book.  T. Jack Lewis is the author of The Tiger's Den: A Novel for American Audiences.

According to the book description of The Tiger's Den: A Novel for American Audiences, This story is not about Japan. It is about all people. It is about tragedy and fear. It is about courage. It is about love, and it is about growth. It is about doing the right thing. It is written in English, but the setting is Western Manchuria early in World War II. The pilots of the Japanese forces are facing their first combat against top notch Russian pilots. They apply their training but find that actual combat is not what the books described. They find comfort in the arms of the women that provide relief . . . for a price. Manchuria + Mongolia. Russia + Japan. Buddhism + Christianity + Islam. Occupation + Oppression. The World's Oldest Profession + Sympathy and Humanity. Add them all together and you get: A compelling story of a young man thrown into a stark reality. He must grow quickly and learn the hard way. From the fear and danger to: The Tiger's Den.

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