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Robert S. Hunsberger

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Captain Robert S. Hunsberger, USMC (ret.) “has over 40 years of experience in leadership and professional development training, in both military and corporate environments. His experience includes 28 years in the United States Marine Corps where he served in a variety of leadership positions - in combat, administration, and training. Upon completing a success military career in 1977, Bob began his next career in a Fortune 500 corporation. Using his military training and experience, he was able to mentor and teach many individuals professional and leadership skills. (Including buck bodwell!) Retiring after 19 years, Bob started his own business, Robert S. Hunsberger Consulting, Inc., specializing in professional and personal development programs. He has provided services in employee training and development for clients throughout Michigan” Captain Robert S. Hunsberger is a co-author of Finding Power, Passion and Joy Being at Work.


According to the book description of Finding Power, Passion and Joy Being at Work, “You deserve to have joy in your work! Life is too short and precious to spend your time in work that does not make you happy, drains your energy, and doesn't support your life purpose. By being who you really are, you seize your power, which results in you finding you passion and doing what you love. You then have what you've longed for -- happiness and joy! This book will help you: Find work that restores your power; Ignite your passion and joy; Know your unique life purpose; Be excited about your work and your life; and, Realize work as one of your great adventures.

Finding Power, Passion and Joy Being at Work
Mary A. Brandon  More Info

One reader of Finding Power, Passion and Joy Being at Work said, “By using Ms Brandon's book and through private coaching provided by her, I am now prepared to present myself calmly, rationally and professionally.  Included with the many valuable lessons in the book, Ms Brandon provides the plan for creating your life portfolio. My life portfolio made it very easy for me to arrive at the boardroom fully prepared for a professional job interview. I was able to present myself with the kind of confidence and style that I have never experienced before.


Ms Brandon's book and coaching have helped me find the strength to forgive myself for past errors, enabled me to realize my own greater potential and have helped me find the path of happiness and success in my life.  I have accomplished these things and more by using her lessons to identify my own self-imposed blocks to happiness and success and eliminating them.  I highly recommend the book for everyone from the young adult through the senior citizen. You will never be too old to find something of value in this book.


I also recommend starting the creation of the life portfolio at childhood and adding to it throughout your life. I am over 40 years old and I know that I would have benefited greatly from having started the life portfolio many years ago.  In paddle sports (canoeing, kayaking, etc.) you learn that there is no one else who is responsible for saving your life--YOU are responsible for saving your own life. It is no exaggeration that she and her book have given me the tools to save my own life.”

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