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Robert Debs Heinl

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Dictionary of Military and Naval Quotations
Robert Debs Heinl  More Info

Handbook for Marine NCOs
Kenneth W. Estes  More Info

Written in Blood
Robert Debs/ Heinl, Nancy Gordon/ Heinl, Michael Heinl  More Info
Victory at High Tide: The Inchon-Seoul Campaign (Great War Stories)
Robert Debs Heinl  More Info
Soldiers of the Sea: The United States Marine Corps, 1775-1962 (Great War Stories)
Robert Debs Heinl  More Info
The defense of Wake.
Haiti: A case study in freedom
Robert Debs Heinl  More Info
Robert D. Jr. and John A. Crown Heinl  More Info

Colonel Robert Debs Heinl, USMC (ret.), retired from the United States Marine Corps in 1964 and had a nationally syndicated newspaper column until his death in 1979.  Robert Debs Heinl is the author of Dictionary of Military and Naval Quotations; The Marshalls Increasing the Tempo; Victory at High Tide: The Inchon-Seoul Campaign; Soldiers of the Sea: The United States Marine Corps, 1775-1962; The Defense of Wake; and, Haiti: A Case Study in Freedom.  He is also a co-author of Written in Blood: The Story of the Haitian People 1492-1971 and Handbook for Marine NCOs.


According to the book description of Written in Blood: The Story of the Haitian People 1492-1971, “This book is a complete history of Haiti from 1492 to the end of 1995. The first edition was and remains the most complete history of Haiti ever written in English and one of the most complete in any language. This second edition contains two more chapters as well as updated information to make it a must read for anyone interested in the history of Haiti and its people. Praise for the First Edition: "There is no work in the English language that even approaches the extravagant wealth of information the Heinls have assembled about the world's first black republic." --WASHINGTON STAR "Praised by all who have read it as the only complete and fully documented history of Haiti in any language, Written in Blood is certain to become a classic.”


According to one reader of the Handbook for Marine NCOs, “This book is probably on every Marine NCOs bookshelf or in their footlockers and for good reasons. The book is by the same author of the Marine Officers Guide, and has alot of the information found in that book, but there is also alot of unique information. Its chapters are titled:The Noncommissioned Officer, The Marine Corps, The Profession of Arms, Leadership, Traditions Flags Decorations and History, Posts and Stations, Reserves, Military Justice, Uniforms, Courtesy and Ceremonies, Service Afloat(Sea Service/Duty), Individual Administration, Pay Allowances and Travel, and Personal Affairs. If you are going to be a Marine and plan on becoming a NCO(corporal and above), or are going to become a commissioned officer, you have to get this book.”

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