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Robert Bartholomew

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Robert Bartholomew “lives in Snydertown, Penn. He served in the Marine Corps for four years before working as a research laboratory technician.” Robert Bartholomew is the author of Discipleship 101: The Battle of Wills.

According to the book description of Discipleship 101: The Battle of Wills, “R. J. Bartholomew didn’t take a typical path in religion: he was raised Lutheran, became a Roman Catholic at age 23, an atheist a little more than ten years later, and witnessed a spiritual awakening at age 40 which caused him to become a practicing Christian.

This diverse background gives Bartholomew a unique perspective on Christianity and the history of the Church, which inspired him to write Discipleship 101: The Battle of Wills. Based on the author’s personal journey of faith, this new book offers a unique approach to spirituality and asks readers to take a step back and think about God from God’s point of view. Bartholomew’s goal is to expose the false teachers and teachings that prevail in many Churches today that Jesus and the Apostles warned about. He challenges his audience to “search for themselves” to determine their own eternal destiny. “There is a dire need for God’s word in the world today not only in churches but politics as well,” Bartholomew says. “True peace of mind can only be achieved through an authentic relationship with God, the one who created us in the first place.”


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