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Patrick M. Tracy

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First Sergeant Patrick M. Tracy, USMC, is the author of Street Fight in Iraq.  According to the book description, “Live in the combat zone of Ramadi, Iraq to experience the fight up close and personal as this Marine Corps warrior puts his life on the line on a daily basis. Smell what he smells, see what he sees and feel the adrenalin rush of battle.

Street Fight in Iraq relates with great candor the unvarnished realities of dealing with day to day combat complexity in and around Ramadi, Iraq. You will be shocked, fascinated, outraged and frustrated when you read about the fight for democracy and peace in Iraq. This book is about Marines who made the journey to combat and the unbelievable events that made up their seven month combat tour. The language is harsh, the writing brutally honest and the message clear.”


One reader said of Street Fight in Iraq: What It's Really Like Over There, “This is an enjoyable, easy to read book. It is a journal of GySgt Tracy's time in Iraq, and it is definitely from a Gunny's point of view. It is real, and the reader should read it not for a view of the "war in Iraq" but for a view of one somewhat arrogant (but possibly justified) Gunny. He is judgmental of his senior officers, but doesn't realize his possible own limitations and ignorance. I state this just as a caveat to the book; it's full of a Gy's limited and very emotional view -- good because it shows how someone actually fighting the war thinks about the war, without thinking too much about it. It may, however, give a reader unfamiliar with the military the impression that most Marines are idiots. Entertaining, but definitely from a Gy who wasn't read-in to the bigger picture. It is more "entertaining" and "interesting" than educational or informative.”

Street Fight in Iraq: What It's Really Like Over There (Valor in Combat Series)
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One reader said of Street Fight in Iraq: What It's Really Like Over There, “Like combat patrols in Iraq, 'Street Fight' shoots for effect with no concern about hurt feelings or diplomatic fallout, and it's authenticity makes it beautifully vulgar. Somewhere in this book I forgot I was reading a diary and felt like I was on patrol with Fox Company in Ramadi. Everyone who cares about America, Iraq, or the Marine Corps would benefit from sharing the Gunny's perspective, and we're lucky he wrote it down.”

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