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John E. McLaughlin

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John E. McLaughlin, author of Just a Cop, became a police officer by accident. A former US Marine, John wondered what life held in store for him when he realized that the military no longer needed his services.  He was invited to join the Fairmount Park Guard, a private police force then guarding Philadelphia's largest public park. His time in the Guard marked the start of a 25 year career in the city, and when the Guard was finally merged with the Philadelphia Police Department, John was merged with them.


Just a Cop
John E. McLaughlin  More Info

According to the book description, “this book tells, in hilarious fashion, the way the ordinary cop worked his beat, dealt with troublesome Senior officers, and handled criminal - everything, in fact, from thieves to killers to rioters.  Told in a simple, down to earth way, this book will delight anyone keen on police memoirs, and will undoubtedly bring a demand for more.”

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