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Jim Kesey

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Jim Kesey is a former member of the United States Marine Corps and a Vietnam veteran.  He is the author of What am I doing here?

According to the book description of What am I doing here? it “is a story that takes an otherwise terrifying event in American History that is familiar to all Veterans and brings it into a realm of understanding for the families of those who were there. Kesey weaves a subtle but perfectly orchestrated humor through an environment of chaos.  Vietnam in early 1965 was just a place on a map. On a foggy morning of March 8th our reluctant hero, Marine Lt. Dusty Kohl, was shocked to find himself standing on a sandy beach north of Danang, Vietnam with a lei around his neck.

You are given a rare look into what it was like to spend a tour in Vietnam. You will follow Lt. Kohl's comedy of errors that brought him to that beach in Danang. You will see both the humor and the grim horror of war. This novel is not just a war story but a uniquely written insight into the life of a young Marine who finds himself in a situation where he has no control. As each day passes, time tests fate. Is Kohl going to make it home to his young wife and family? Does God have a plan or is it just dumb luck who lives and who dies? Or is there something else in store for Kohl? Survival means more than just staying alive.”


One reader of What am I doing here said, “I enjoyed "What Am I Doing Here?" so much. I started reading it and found that I couldn't put it down until I finished. I would like to see Jim Kesey write another book about Dusty Kohl. I read some parts to my husband who was in Chu Lai, Vietnam also but he told me to quit because it hit too close to home for him. After all those years he still suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. "What Am I Doing Here?" has helped me understand what my husband experienced.”

What Am I Doing Here?
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One reader of What am I doing here said, “This is a very enjoyable and personal novel of the Vietnam War. The characters are real, and their lives and experiences come to life. Kesey captures the frustrations and the lives of real young Americans caught up in an unpopular conflict without a genuine purpose. This is a well-written and intriguing novel, one of the best I have read on Vietnam. It is a "must read" for anyone seeking to understand that era.”


One reader of What am I doing here said, “Yes, my name is Pete Peterson (the name of one of the main characters in the book). This book is fantastic!!! It is the most unique book I've read on the war in Vietnam. Although I was not there, I believe Jim Kesey's story tells it as it really was in Vietnam. Mr. Kesey's writing style is captivating and makes you want to just keep going once you start into the book. I believe this book would make a great movie. Read it, you'll be glad you did.”

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