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Gary Doss

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Former Marine Corps helicopter crewman Gary Doss recounts his Vietnam service in Tales of an Ugly Angel.  According to Captain Nicholas A. Turner, the book is “an excellent portrayal on what hasn't been written.  And by that I mean that the stereotypical books you see from Vietnam are Pilot perspectives or Generals or Platoon commanders.  Rarely do you see it from the guys who made things happen (the enlisted).”  According to Joyce Faulkner (author of In the Shadow of Suribachi) “In Tales of an Ugly Angel, Gary Doss describes his journey from boy to manhood in the skies over Vietnam.  As a member of the famed Ugly Angel Squadron, he remembers the many young Marines that he and his crew-mates flew into harm's way to rescue.   It's a tender tale of hope and survival in the midst of war.”

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