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Garry Klaus

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Lieutenant Colonel Garry Klaus of United States Marine Corps (ret.), "has studied martial arts since 1989. He has trained and studied under Korean, Japanese, and American martial arts masters. Additionally, he has participated and hosted a myriad of martial arts tournaments and seminars."  He is the author of American Marine Goju Within Arms Reach Self-Defense and Teen Self-Defense American Marine Goju.

According to the book description of American Marine Goju Within Arms Reach Self-Defense, "This guide is to instruct teens to defend themselves in dangerous situation. Grand Master Garry Klaus in collaboration with his students selected those techniques important to today's situations. Together they developed the concept, wrote, photographed and edited the text for the self defense techniques presented in this guide. It contains common sense guidelines that include being aware of their surroundings, respecting other people, and "reading" situations. It is designed to aid the novice and serious martial arts student."


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