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Dennis S. Chapman

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Dennis S. Chapman, a Vietnam Veteran, was a member of the US Marine Corps from 1966 to 1970.  Since 1973, Dennis S. Chapman has been an educator.  He holds a MS and M.Ed.  Since 1993, he has been a member of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and the Mountain Rescue Association.  An adult BSA leader, Dennis S. Chapman was a team leader at the International Scout Jamboree held in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Dennis S. Chapman is the author of A Scout's Salute and The Autumn Marine.  


According to the book description of A Scout's Salute, it is “a book filled with lyrical descriptions of woodlands contrasting with hilarious adventures of scouting.  Every episode is a fresh adventure in pristine outdoor settings. There are tales of hikes, pranks, and campouts, of discovering nature's wonders and woodsman's skills, all masterfully told and highly entertaining. They are stories of growth in understanding, often learned the hard way.”


According to the book description of The Autumn Marine, “An overwhelming surge of patriotism prompts a young college student to enlist in the Marine Corps. A love story during the Vietnam War.  Steve Cannon is a young Marine sergeant serving in Khe Sanh during the Seige. He tries to apply all he has learned about leadership and combat. In addition to his men, Cannon is concerned about his family and his good friend, Autumn. The Autumn Marine offers an in-depth look and families, love, war, and patriotism.”

A Scout's Salute
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The Autumn Marine
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