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David B. Brown

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Lieutenant Colonel David B. Brown, U.S. Marine Corps (ret), recipient of the Silver Star for Gallantry in Combat, was a Captain and Company Commander in the Vietnam War. During his distinguished 20-year career in the Marine Corps, Dave Brown instructed at the U.S. Naval Academy and headed the Marine Corps Procurement Budget. Upon retirement, he was a logistics consultant for the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy. He has published numerous articles in the Marine Corps Gazette and Amphibious Warfare Review; and has authored books on training, automated information systems, and logistics. Currently, he is a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker. Dave Brown holds an MBA from George Washington University and a BA from Denison University. David Brown is the author of Battlelines.


According to the book description of Battlelines, “This book tells the story of a US Marine Corps rifle company that fought in Viet Nam from April 1966 to March 1971.  The core group consisted of men who had served together in Viet Nam the year before.  They returned to Camp Pendleton, California, and volunteered to redeploy together as Company F, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines.  Great Marines and Navy corpsmen, as many as 1500, were added to the company as individual replacements for those men killed, wounded, or transferred. 


For the next five years their courage, camaraderie, and pride were in keeping with their Fox Company brothers-in-arms who fought gallantly during offensive and defensive campaigns of World War I, on Guadalcanal, Peleliu, and Okinawa during WW II, and at Pusan, Inchon, and the Chosin Reservoir during Korea.  As they fought the men bonded into a tight brotherhood that placed immeasurable fear in the hearts of their enemy and, today, binds those that survived into a close-knit family. The stories they brought home and have shared with each other are their Battelines.”

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Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North, USMC (ret.), said “In Battlelines, Lieutenant Colonel Dave Brown and his daughter, Tiffany, have captured the reality of war. Their chronicle of comradeship forged in the crucible of combat is a must-read for anyone who cares about soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who fight our country’s battles.”


Lieutenant General Martin L. Brandtner, USMC (ret.), said, “Battlelines…is a tribute to the brave Marines of Fox Company, 2/5, who fought in some of the sharpest battles of the war. I fought alongside Dave Brown and his Marines, and can attest to the courage and tenacity displayed by the men of Fox Company.”


Major General O. K. Steele, USMC (Ret.), said, “Battlelines is a superb memoir on human behavior and the raw emotions felt by those who must constantly face the dangers of either closing or defending that last 600 meters against an aggressive, determined, and often-unseen enemy. Implicit in the telling is a portrait of unsurpassed courage, steadfastness, and a sense of mutual affection for one another that can only be derived from men who find themselves together under fire.”

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