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Dale Dye

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Dale Dye is a "Marine officer who rose through the ranks to retire as a Captain after twenty-one years of service in war and peace. He is a distinguished graduate of Missouri Military Academy who enlisted the United States Marine Corps shortly after graduation. Sent to war in Southeast Asia, he served in Vietnam in 1965 and 1967 through 1970 surviving 31 major combat operations.

Appointed a Warrant Officer in 1976, he later converted his commission and was a Captain when he deployed to Beirut, Lebanon with the Multinational Force in 1982-83. He served in a variety of assignments around the world and along the way attained a degree in English Literature from the University of Maryland. Following retirement from active duty in 1984, he spent time in Central America, reporting and training troops for guerrilla warfare in El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica. Upset with Hollywoods treatment of the American military, he went to Hollywood and established Warriors Inc., the pre-eminent military training and advisory service to the entertainment industry. He has worked on more than fifty movies and TV shows including several Academy Award and Emmy winning productions. He is a novelist, actor, director and show business innovator, who wanders between Los Angeles and Lockhart, Texas."

Dale Dye is the author of Run Between the Raindrops, Outrage, Laos File, Peleliu File, Chosin File, Beirut File, Contra File, Havana File, Aztec File; and, Duty and Dishonor.

According to the book description of Run Between the Raindrops, "The blood-drenched Navy Corpsman had it right as he labored to keep yet another Marine alive on the mean street of Hue City: "Getting out of Hue alive is like trying to run between raindrops without getting wet." Nearly half a century has passed since Marine veteran Dale Dye fought in Hue during the 1968 Tet Offensive. That brutal experience prompted him to write a searing, critically acclaimed novel about the surreal experiences of the battle to wrest control of Vietnams ancient Imperial capital from regiments of fanatical North Vietnamese Army soldiers. Now hes taken a long second look at that fight and revised his original work into an even more powerful narrative of one of the Vietnam Wars most brutal battles.

The story is told through the eyes of a veteran Marine Corps Combat Correspondent with the observational skills and off-beat attitude to relate what he sees from the close-quarter, house-to-house meat-grinder of the southside to the epic assault on the enemy-infested walls of the citys medieval Citadel in a voice that reflects the Code of the Grunt: Just do itor die trying. There it is."

According to the book description of Outrage, "In 1982-83, American Marines were stationed in Beirut with a vaguely defined mission to keep the peace. But once the PLO was evacuated and a new Lebanese president elected, Moslem terrorists assassinated President Gemayel and relentlessly pressed their guerrilla war, forcing the Marines to stay in "The Root" and to participate in an increasingly tense and dangerous mission.

Written and now revised by a retired Marine Corps captain who served in Beirut, this brutal, fast-moving novel about the events that led to the massacre of the Marines is peopled with Moslem terrorists; Arabs wiling to lay down their lives to stop the fighting; tough Israeli soldiers who deride American peace efforts; wise-guy journalists; and--of course--the Marines. Outrage is a tribute to those Marines who gave their lives in Beirut and an expression of outrage at the events that occurred.

Fast-paced, authentic, and at times disturbing, it is both an exhilarating testament to the sacrifice of those who served and an angry condemnation of the policies which led to the deaths of so many brave men."

According to the book description of Laos File, "it is a 2011 gold medal winner from the Military Writers Society of America! The death of a salty old senior NCO who ran special operations in Vietnam leads Marine Gunner Shake Davis on a shocking and potentially lethal quest to find out what happened to hundreds of American POWs. Written by the bestselling author of 'Platoon,' Dale A. Dye."

According to the book description of Peleliu File, "While searching for answers to World War II mysteries on the infamous island of Iwo Jima, retired Marine Gunner Shake Davis answers a call on his satellite phone. Not long after that he's back in the counter-terrorism game and immersed eyeball-deep in desperate attempts to prevent a unique and very deadly biological warfare attack. His efforts to help thwart what could be a devastating threat to populations around the globe takes him on a whirlwind trek through the South Pacific with stops at some of the most familiar battlegrounds of the Second World War including the Philippines, Wake Island and Peleliu. His intimate knowledge of the history, people and places involved makes him an invaluable asset in a desperate chase across the vast reaches of the South Pacific. Along the way Shake teams up with new allies including U.S. Army Special Forces and a SEAL Team operating from one of the Navy's newest and most capable littoral combat ships. He also reunites with familiar characters from his earlier sojourn in Southeast Asia in pursuit of the Laos File. Gunner Shake Davis USMC is back...and this time he's up against a ruthless enemy using science as a weapon and bound to let the evil genie of germ warfare out of the bottle."


According to the book description of Chosin File, "Nuclear saber-rattling in North Korea has created international palpitations and some unlikely partnerships in an effort to keep communist loose cannons from causing a war that no one wants and everyone fears. The CIA calls on clandestine contacts in neighboring China to run a darkand wholly unauthorizedreconnaissance mission over North Korea from a top-secret drone base along the Yalu River. All is well and under international radar until Gunner Shake Davis best friend goes missing on a mission near the infamous Chosin Reservoir to check on a tip that the North Koreans are up to something sinister around the infamous Chosin Reservoir.

That brings Marine Gunner Shake Davis out of retirement once again to locate his buddy on a risky trek through the snow-blown mountains surrounding the Korean War battle site where an earlier generation of Marines fought a classic withdrawal that became an iconic chapter in military history. While Shake is on his risky mission, the North Korean Supreme Leader suddenly dies and the entire world goes on high alert to see what might happen next in Pyongyang. That puts serious pressure on Shake and his South Korean allies who have discoveredand must detera potentially world-shattering North Korean weapon that threatens the very fabric of modern computer-based societies. Its a high-stakes game and the clock is ticking as an international team of technical experts and military special operators launch a desperate search that culminates in a deadly confrontation in the Korea Straits in the midst of a howling storm."

According to the book description of Beirut File, "When his wife disappears on a deep, dark intelligence mission, gunner Shake Davis is desperate to find her. His quest to find Chan leads the retired Tier One Special Operator through the tragic Boston Marathon bombing and back to Beirut, Lebanon, where Shake served on active duty as part of the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force in the early 1980s."

According to the book description of Aztec File, "Shake Davis is back! Retired Marine officer Dale A. Dye returns with the seventh novel in his popular, award-winning File series: Aztec File. Its time to Shake, rattle and roll."

According to the book description of Duty and Dishonor, "For years during and after the war in Vietnam, tales of two American turncoats fighting with the enemy were dismissed as bush lore. Still, sighting reports continued until the two shadowy figuresone black man and one white mangot the code name Salt and Pepper. No one could prove or disprove the persistent stories until a small Marine recon team had a very close encounter with them near the DMZ.

The leader of that patrol, Staff Sergeant Wilhelm Pudarski, found the traitorous GIs, looked into their eyes from the wrong end of a pistol, and lived to tell the tale. All photos and reports about the incident were classified. And then it all promptly disappeared with no revelation or explanation.

After the war, it was forgottenby everyone except Willy Pudarski. With a couple of veteran buddies, he embarks on a quest to find out the truth behind the legend. And that truth is so shocking that witnesses begin to die in mysterious circumstances. The search for Salt and Pepper quickly turns into a deadly hunt across two continents."

According to the book description of Contra File, "Marine Gunner Shake Davis, his best buddy Mike, and their families are in a semi-tropical paradise fishing and soaking up the sun. The vacation in Belize is apparently a freebie, a relaxing interlude funded by persons unknown. And it provides a chance to reunite with some friends from the Middle East who have been reassigned to Central American missions. Of course, nothing in Shakes life is ever as simple as it seemsand before long they are shanghaied into another high-stakes intrigue. This time it involves gang-bangers running drugs by land and sea through covert pipelines into Mexico and eventually into the U.S. As they investigate, operating under cover for the mysterious man who calls himself Bayer, they slog through the jungle with Gurkha troops, operate at sea against dopers using submersibles, and discover the tragedy of human-trafficking that runs rampant in parts of Central America."

According to the book description of Havana File, "In the midst of a major move from suburban Virginia (too close to the flagpole) to the Great State of Texas (my kind of place and my kind of people) retired Marine Gunner Shake Davis is contemplating the governments proposed normalization of relations with Cuba and hes not happy about it. By the time he arrives at the new Davis homestead in a quaint little town south of the Texas capitol at Austin, hes convinced by instinct and past experience with tenacious communist regimes that America is making a big mistake in making nice with the Castro regime When Shake learns that an American intelligence analyst with a brain full of highly classified information has gone missing in Cuba, he mistrusts the physical evidence that the man is dead and heads for Havana to conduct his own investigation from the Guantanamo Bay Navy Base while normalization talks are ongoing in Havana. When that investigation reveals that the American is being held hostage on Fidel Castros private island, Shake, Mike and a small team of Marine Raiders stage a daring rescue from the sea."

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