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Carlos V. Cornejo

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Carlos V. Cornejo "was born in San Francisco, California in 1929 and attended San Francisco public schools. He received two Master of Arts degrees from San Francisco State University. He served in the Korean Police Action (War) in the United States Marine Corps. When returning to civilian life, he married and fathered three children. He became a teacher in the San Francisco School District in 1955. During his forty years in education, he loved having contact with students and other professionals. After serving in seven principal ships and other administrative posts, he became Superintendent of Schools. He decided also to travel extensively, especially in journeys to Europe, Asia, and throughout North America. At present, he has dedicated his life to penning his stories and being a homebody, growing tomatoes, flowers, and continuing to appreciate life. His words to the reader are, Thank you for reading the flourishes of my mind" Carlos V. Cornejo is the author of Different Coins in the Fountain.

According to the book description of Different Coins in the Fountain, "Volume I contains 54 stories. Volume II which is a continuation of Volume I has 42 stories. The stories are stand-alone stories, that is, they are independent from each other, so that these books can be read in any sequence the reader chooses. There is no particular reason why they should be read in the way the author sequenced them. The reader can select stories based on the time there is to read one or more stories. The books are designed for busy people who need to escape from the problems of work, family, or self-imposed rituals for governing activities of the day. Please read these stories to explore and enhance that which is not yet part of your day or evening accomplishments."


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