Larry Kryske

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Larry Kryske "received a Regular Navy commission from the NROTC Unit at UCLA on 17 December 1971. Larry Kryske retired from the United States Navy in September 1993 as a Commander. In his post-Naval career, Larry Kryske (pronounced Chris-key) develops victorious leaders who have vision, courage, and determination. He is president and co-founder of Your Finest Hour Leadership Programs. He speaks internationally on leadership as well as on teamwork and productivity. Larry has over 30 years of worldwide leadership success as a career naval officer, private school administrator, and strategic planner. He is a professional speaker, certified trainer, coach, facilitator, author, and artist.

Larry Kryske is also a respected authority on the life and leadership of Winston Churchill, with over 41 years of Churchill study. He served on the Board of Directors of the International Churchill Society. Larry Kryske has a BA in Astronomy from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and a MS in Applied Science from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He is an active member of the Churchill Center and a professional member of the National Speakers Association."  Lawrence Kryske is the author of two leadership book, The Churchill Factors: Creating Your Finest Hour, Ready, Begin! Practical Strategies for Cultivating Courage and Churchill Without Blood, Sweat, or Tears.

According to the book description of, Ready, Begin! Practical Strategies for Cultivating Courage, “there are thousands of books about leadership and less than a dozen about courage. None, however, tells the reader how to be courageous. Finally, there is a book about how to cultivate courage.


Ready, BEGIN! contains over 250 practical strategies, techniques, and insights how to cultivate courage including overcoming fear, conquering procrastination, getting into action, sustaining momentum, and burning with more focus and purpose. This book is for leaders who want to create bolder visions, generate more sales, encourage daring innovation, implement new changes, and strengthen teams?


A soldier patrols a dangerous sector known for booby-traps and insurgent activity. A fireman races into a burning high-rise. A policeman runs into a dark alley in pursuit of a gun-toting suspect. We all recognize courage when we see it.


There are icons of courage that bring shivers to our souls: images like the flag-raising at Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima or Ground Zero at the World Trade Center or places evoking reverence like the Alamo. And who exemplifies courage? Individuals like Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, John Glenn, Oskar Schindler, Lance Armstrong, and countless others.


Most of us, however, are not involved in such life-or-death struggles. Our battles occur at work and home. This book is designed to give ordinary people some practical tools to cultivate more courage in their lives. Strong courageous leadership is needed everywhere. This comprehensive manual will give the reader the tools to become an even more valuable leader.”

According to the book description of Churchill Without Blood, Sweat, or Tears, "A jaunty V for victory, defiant speeches, and an ever-present cigar--these are the trademarks by which most people recognize Winston Churchill. Others see a towering leader and a life full of extraordinary achievements. Winston Churchill was one of the twentieth century's greatest leaders, brilliant strategists, and respected statesmen. Throughout his long military and political service, he employed three critical factors to turn adversity into advantage. Now you can learn how to use Churchill's best leadership practices to give your professional and personal life more focus, courage, and success."

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