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A Tribute to Our Warriors

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A Tribute to Our Warriors



I write this tribute for our warriors, both the living and the dead

To you our freedom we owe for the blood you shed

You fought for our nation, when she made the call

Many of you gave your absolute all


A proud bunch you seem to be

Laying it on the line so others can be free

Not always returning to the open arms you deserve

But always willing and ready to serve


The calling to be a warrior is a special one

Those who answer are the ones who get the job done

Cant thank them enough for what they do

Putting their lives on the line for people like me and you


Our world stands now as never before

Seems there will never be an end to war

So our warriors are our only defense

Their value to freedom is so immense


In the air, on the ground, or on the water; matters not where you serve

The gratitude of our country you deserve

As brothers and sisters you stand as the first line of defense

Sometimes paying a great expense


So for the warriors who have served in the past

I honor your service first and last

And for those active warriors who serve today

For your victory and safe return I pray


So for all warriors who serve our nation

I salute you with the greatest admiration

This tribute I write and dedicate to you

For your sacrifice and service in all that you do


ŠKent Fletcher

September 23, 2008


Kent Fletcher retired as Deputy Chief of the Durham NC Police Dept.  He served with that department for 301/2 years.  He is a graduate of the 162nd session of the FBI National Academy and has an AA and BS degree in Justice Administration from Guilford College.  He served with the US Army, 1970 -1976 as a medic.  Writing short stories and poetry has become a part-time hobby.  He can  be reached at

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