James T. Born

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Prior to his law enforcement career, James T. Born was a member of the United States Navy.  In 1967, James Born was deployed to Vietnam as a Boatswain’s Mate Third Class.  He received a Bronze Star “while serving as Assistant Boat Captain with Mobile Support Team II, on a Heavy SEAL Support Craft (HSSC), operating in the MeKong Delta.”

James T. Born graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department academy in 1969. During his ten year career in law enforcement he served as a Los Angeles Police Officer and a Deputy Sheriff.  The highest rank he attained in law enforcement was as a Sheriff’s Captain, Chief of the Detective Bureau.  In 1978, James Born was licensed as a private investigator in California.  And, in 1989, he was licensed as a private investigator in Nevada. 

James Born is a District Court Certified Forensic and Fingerprint Expert and has taught Crime Scene Technology and Investigation to law enforcement officers in eleven states. Jim born is a recipient of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution “Law Enforcement Commendation Medal” the highest civilian law enforcement medal in the United States. He is a graduate of Los Angeles Pierce College and has further attended fours years of University instruction in his field of Criminal Justice Administration. James Born has graduated from 82 law enforcement training schools.  He is also the author of Coping with Marital Infidelity: How to Catch your Spouse Cheating.

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According to the description of Coping with Marital Infidelity, “If you are a victim or know someone who is a victim of marital infidelity (cheating mates), this unique "How to" book will grab held of your life in a way you could never dream of and give you the tools needed that will help you to cope with this problem. Coping with Marital Infidelity. The author has investigated thousands of such cases and has consulted with many thousands of other victims having the same problem, who couldn't afford to hire an investigator and needed advice. His combined investigative experience and training as well as his promise and daily walk with God, can give you the answers you need at this terrible time in your life. There is hope at the end of the tunnel and you can find it in this book. Come with me and explore my secrets of success. This is quite possibly the only book written that can tell you the warning signs, how to catch your spouse and what God has to say, a I in one organized perspective. You will find both conventional and spiritual guidance.”

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