George Galjan

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George Galjan was born in 1942 in Berlin, Germany. In 1956, he immigrated to the United States with his family. After high school, he enlisted in the Navy. He served two tours in Vietnam and later transferred to the Navy Reserves. He retired from the Reserves with the rank of senior chief.  In 1969, George Galjan joined the Cleveland Police Department. He retired in 1998, at the rank of lieutenant. George Galjan is the author of Cops, Donuts and Murder; and, BUSTed.


George Galjan’s book, Cops, Donuts and Murder, is a mystery set in the City of Cleveland.  As one reviewer/reader remarked, “This is the best mystery book I've read for quite sometime. It is filled with twists and interesting characters. The ending was a total surprise. The book is written using dialog and it is so true-to-life that I couldn't put it down.” 


According to the book description of BUSTed, “When a young woman is found dead with both breasts slit, the case of “The Slicer" is handed to veteran detectives Lieutenant Danilco Pavlick and his seasoned partner, Sergeant Fu Chu Lai. During their ongoing investigation, they uncover a tangled web of perversion, murder and deceit. They discover that a local strip club is hiring flat chested women and sending them to San Diego where they are shuffled into Mexico. There they receive breast augmentations using not silicone, but heroin. Upon return to Cleveland, the drugs are replaced with silicone. While walking down the airport concourse, “Boner,” the drug-sniffing K-9, begins wagging his tail, a sure sign that drugs are nearby. The investigation of the drug-smuggling case is hampered by the indictment of Lieutenant Pavlick for the murder of a pedophilic priest. Who killed the priest? Lt. Pavlick…Sgt. Chu Lai…Father Belmont…the kid…the kid’s mother…or the Deacon?”

Cops, Donuts, and Murder
George Galjan  More Info

George Galjan  More Info

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