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Dean Krystek

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Sergeant Major Dean Krystek, USA (ret.) “was assigned to the to the Special Security Group, MACV HQs, from May 68 to Dec 68; with the SSG detachment at the 25th ID in Cu Chi base camp from Dec 68 to Jul 70, and then again with the MACV SSG from Jul 70 to Oct 70.”

A Vietnam Veteran, he retired in 1995. Although he retired from the Army he says of his post-military career, “I may have left the military, but until recently I wore the uniform; working as a contractor in Afghanistan for nearly 5 years in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, where I trained the Afghan military alongside US and coalition forces.” Sergeant Major Dean Krystek is the author of Buddha's War.

According to the book description of Budda’s War, “SP4 Bruce Dudak, aka "Buddha" has been in Vietnam a while and feels it's time to go home. Originally flattered by the young bar girls who seemed to adore him in spite of his rather odd appearance (resembling the Chinese image of the Buddha), he's grown weary of their attention, and longs for an honest relationship. Bruce feels he's destined for a lonely life because he knows his chances of finding true romance are nil, but nevertheless, he he's tired of being a Saigon warrior.

Trinh, once a popular bar girl, has had her life shattered by the war. Her face, still stunningly beautiful on one side, is obscenely disfigured on the other.  Betrayed by the American soldier she loved, she is also destined to be alone.

Buddha's War: A Novel
Dean Krystek  More Info

When fate brings them together, Bruce finds Trinh unexpectedly alluring.  At first he denies his interest in her, yet he is compelled to be with her. Trinh does not want Bruce's pity, yet his sincerity offers her renewed hope. As they discover their love for one another, they also discover that the peace they seek comes from how they view themselves and not how they appear to others.”


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