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David Walks-As-Bear

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David Walks-As-Bear, USCG (ret.) “served in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and retired after 21 years in the 'Hooligan Navy'. Assigned to the newly formed Rapid Deployment Force in 1983, he served as a combat boat crewman with OCONUS (Outside the Contential U.S.) port security unit.  It was while serving as a Coast Guard photojournalist that he honed his writing skills. When he began writing for civilian publications, he used the combination of his Christian and Shawnee names of "David Walks-As-Bear" to help keep the Indian culture alive for his children. He credits his wife with his efforts as a writer today because it was she that encouraged him to put pen to paper, over and over again.” David Walks-As-Bear is the author of The Murmurings, Shamus Ghillie US Secret Service In Medicine Hat, The L.P., and Old Money.

According to the book description of Shamus Ghillie US Secret Service In Medicine Hat, “After the Civil War, the country was growing and growing quickly. By 1868, the nation had left infancy and was now toddling, fast and furiously, into Manifest Destiny. Barring the American Indian, the West was wide open for this wobbling stroll. But, just as you must guard against potential troubles for a new walker, so needed this emerging nation to shield against inherent dangers caused by rapid growth. Issues such as national sovereignty, boundaries, settlers, and indigenous populations had to be handled with kid gloves so as not to sully the hands of the nation. The country needed a special kind of man to facilitate these hazards, and facilitate them... in a covert manner. This is a tale about such a man, the woman he saves, the youth he inspires and the Indian and soldier... that he is. Shamus Ghillie is a half-Choctaw half-Irish former elite Confederate soldier, who is, likewise, a man of the wild and untamed west. He’s imbued with rare, and unusual, skills as a hunter of both animals It is this man, and his unique talents, that President Grant wants to secretly enlist to deal with trouble along the boundary of the newly formed nation of Canada, just north of the Montana Territory. But, men like Ghillie don’t come easily, and, if they come at all... they don’t come cheap. Shamus distrusts government any government but the money’s good, and he has a kid sister to consider. Still, truth be told... he would’ve taken on this task to gain justice for the Blackfeet free of charge had they not offered the fee. So, he becomes the nation’s first unofficial, yet official, spy with the U.S. Secret Service. Thus begins an adventurous story that encapsulates a part of the nation’s early expansion westward and the people white, red and blue-coated, alike who made American history.”


One reader of Shamus Ghillie US Secret Service In Medicine Hat said, “Medicine Hat is the hallmark of a classic Western, interwoven with historical truths unknown to most. The main character, Ghillie, is the epitome of the Warrior archetype, depicting honorable values, raw grit, and charisma. The author, Walks-As-Bear, introduces American Indian spirituality and ethics through Ghillie, whose larger than life persona and likability, draws in the reader. To me, the book has universal appeal and held my attention from beginning till end. More than just a story, the book made me THINK about my own personal values and choices, wondering whether I could live up to Ghillie's standards. A great read.”


According to the book description of The Murmurings, “Ely Stone returns to the wilds of upper Michigan from the military. A jaded and wounded warrior, he accepts a job as his tribe's special agent and sets off to trouble-shoot the ominous Muskcrat Island. He finds love in the form of a beautiful girl, but things only go badly from there. Chinese agents, an old Russian spy and secretive U.S. Air Force operatives are all after something on the island; and the former Coast Guardsman is right in the way. Ely escapes death, but, at the end of his tribal mission, he finally hears the "The Murmurings" and must not only face the fact that he is more deeply Indian than he ever realized, but also...that there's something more terrifying about that island... than anything he's ever experienced in war. And that 'some-thing'... came to rest... smack-dab in the middle of Indian country.”

Shamus Ghillie US Secret Service In Medicine Hat
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The Murmurings
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The L.P.
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Old Money
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According to the book description of Old Money, “Tribal Cop Ely Stone returns and falls into another case in which mysticism and death wreathe at every turn. Beautiful women, modern-day terror, Hawaiian mysticism, and American Indian medicine are all intertwined. But also drifting in this haunting sea is the famous writer, Mark Twain and an old Confederate warship -- the C.S.S. Shenandoah. Why are both, Twain and this eerie man-o-war sailing in Stone's already crowded world? He doesn't know as he's got crazy movies playing in his mind. He's tormented by hauntingly bizarre visions that make him doubt his very sanity. A man with a jaded past as an intelligence agent -- Stone's no stranger to bad dreams. He has them often. But these nightmares have nothing to do with him or do they? Ely tries to piece the puzzle but in the end, perhaps he finds the answer is much closer to home. Closer than he ever would have imagined. Is Stone going crazy? He's not sure. But you can bet your OLD MONEY that TIME...will tell.”


According to the book description of The L.P. it is “a story about the 2003 invasion of Iraq. At the war’s beginning, near the outskirts of Baghdad — an undermanned infantry squad and two young women are caught with legions of the Iraqi Republican Guard all around them. Death could come swiftly for the American soldiers assigned to the listening post. Do they fight, hide or surrender? Sgt. Parker is the man in charge and he can’t let any of those things happen. Because the L.P. has heard something sinister and no matter what the must be told.”

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