Carey Spearman

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Carey Spearman joined the U.S. Army in 1965.  He served in Vietnam in 1967, assigned to the 44th Medical Group, 616th Medical Company.  After his discharge, he would join the New York Police Department in 1973.  He was promoted to detective, and to the rank of Sergeant in the police department and distinguished himself in undercover narcotics work and as supervisor of NYPD's Staten Island Community Affairs Division. Carey Spearman retired from the New York Police Department in 1995 with twenty-five years of service. In 1997 he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from St. John's University, New York. Carey Spearman is the co-author of Vietnam Veteran's Homecoming: Crossing the Line and 36 Years and a Wake-up: An American Returns to Vietnam.

According to the book description of Vietnam Veterans' Homecoming: Crossing the Line “is a thoughful and moving account of the impact that the Vietnam War had on one veteran's life. Medic Carey Spearman's emotional message will resonate in the hearts and souls of each and every veteran that picks up this book, and enlighten anyone that did not live through the war.  Carey Spearman has come home, and his journey will quickly become the journey of those who read his book. In a sequence of profound meditations, rich in poetry and deep in spirituality, Spearman draws insights from his experiences as a medic in Vietnam, and as a veteran returning home. Insights which emphasize not so much the uniqueness of his own encounters and feelings but the mighty common bonds which unite the courageous men and women who served this country during its longest war.

Crossing the Line, without pretense or political agenda, reveals page after page that those who fought in Vietnam had to be heroes twice; first in war, and then again as veterans returning home to a society that all too often failed to appreciate or understand the enormity of their sacrifices on so many different levels.

Vietnam Veterans' Homecoming: Crossing the Line
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36 Years and a Wake-up: An American Returns to Vietnam
Carey J. Spearman  More Info

Crossing the Line is not just the story of one man, it sets down in meaningful terms the experience of an entire generation. It is a powerful testimony to the far-reaching effects of the Vietnam War on virtually all aspects of American life.”

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