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Brian D. Perry, Sr.

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Brian D. Perry Sr., was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He joined the New Orleans Police Department, obtained a Bachelor's Degree, and upon graduation with a Juris Doctor Degree, the Mayor of New Orleans selected him as the New Orleans Police Attorney. Activated during Desert Storm, he served as the Commandant of a large logistics command. Before redeploying back to the United States he was offered a position by a major oil company in Saudi Arabia to head their investigations unit. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve and was the Executive Officer for a Joint Command in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The American Community elected him to the School Board. After seven years in the Middle East, he returned to New Orleans to practice law.


 His first novel is “Algiers Point.”  According to the book description, “Nick Charbonnet is an honest cop with a beautiful wife and a seductive partner. He struggles with law school and his adulterous feelings. Then his world is shattered by a single phone call. The meeting that follows is the beginning of his involvement in a world he knows nothing about. Nick must make choices. Life changing choices. Good and evil live side by side and nowhere is it more apparent than in the Big Easy.”


Algiers Point
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