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William L. Walker

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Sergeant Major William (Bill) L. Walker, USA (ret.)  is a Vietnam vet who spent twenty-seven years of his life in law enforcement. He began his law enforcement career in 1970 when he joined the Los Angeles Police Department.  He retired from the Department in 1998. Bill Walker spent three years in the United States Army; which included a one year tour in Vietnam.  He was discharged from the Army and spent 20 years in the California National Guard retiring at the rank of Sergeant Major. William L. Walker is the author of To Ride a Hurricane.

According to the book description of To Ride a Hurricane, it “is a twisted love story set amidst the intrigue of a spy novel, filled with action and adventure. Gloria is the consummate Coast Guard Master Chief, a hero and legend, her private life a disaster. Avoiding relationships because of failed love and rape, she lives in her work, but her career is soon to end. Bill is a retired cop living day to day in a lukewarm marriage; an explosion changes that. His family thinks he’s dead. Sent on a mission for the government, he rescues POWs from Vietnam, steals $200 million, and then sets off a nuke under a mosque. On Sentry Island, Bill’s home, a hurricane forces Bill and Gloria together. They want to fall in love, but first they have to overcome the storm and their pasts; the hurricane was the easy part.”

To Ride a Hurricane
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