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Wilford D. Gower

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Colonel Wilford D. Gower, USA (ret.) is the author of Mapping Life’s Tomorrows and Lessons: To Be Happy and Successful.


According to the book description of Mapping Life’s Tomorrows, “A retired U.S. Army colonel, Gower has mapped and planned his own outstanding life accomplishments and also has guided the careers of many others as a successful manager in industry and in the military. He is known as the “legend of Fallbrook” for his community service, and was honored in 2008 by the southern California community with the Pinnacle Award from Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce. “A great step in mapping life’s tomorrows is volunteering and keeping your mind and body active,” writes 89-year-old Gower. “You must sacrifice to make progress in this competitive world,” this member of the greatest generation reminds us in his second book. “You must take responsibility for your life; there are times you need to be the judge in your life decisions.”


According to the book description of Lessons: To Be Happy and Successful, “Wil Gower invites you to read LESSONS: To Be Happy and Successful like you are having a conversation with a wise 88-year-old great grandfather with vast life experiences. Wil Gower shares why each of us should: Be determined. Look before we leap. Look forward to tomorrow and tomorrows. Prepare for the future. Be happy in your work. Recognize the guidance and direction young people need to succeed. Have humility, patience, love and keep faith with self and God. “We cannot change the past but we can use the knowledge of the past to help us move forward at any age,” Wil Gower teaches.”

LESSONS: To Be Happy and Successful
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Mapping Life's Tomorrows
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