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Wayne Lennon

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Wayne Lennon, USA was “born in Canada and moved to California in 1954 with his parents. He graduated from San Fernando High School in 1959. In 1961 Wayne Lennon joined the U.S. Army and served as an MP for three years. Wayne Lennon graduated from Cal State Northridge in 1970. After extensive travel in Europe and North Africa, he settled in Santa Barbara and began writing about the experiences of a short MP. Wayne Lennon is the author of The Last of the Short MPs: Volume 1 and 2.

According to the book description of The Last of the Short MPs: Volume 1, “It is 1961 and there is reason for hope. The United States is being led by its youngest president. Korea seems nearly forgotten. Only a few people have heard about Vietnam, which, for America, is still officially some years away. There is peace in the air. It is a great time to join the Army. Or is it? The Last of the Short MPs is the story of an eighteen-year-old immigrant from Canada who joins the U.S. Army to be in the military police and to become a man. At five-foot-seven, Ray Holland enlists three days before the MP height requirement is raised to five-foot-nine, thus earning him the title of the book. He meets up with Military Police Staff Sergeant Richard King, or King Richard as he is known by the troops. King is a large, angry and unforgiving man who believes that size commands respect. His reasons for wanting to get rid of Holland go beyond height and add fuel to the fires burning within the sergeant and his new recruit. Each is determined to succeed. Something has to give. Take a humorous and raw look inside the Military Police Corps as seen by a short MP.”


One reader of The Last of the Short MPs: Volume 1 said, “Wayne has captured a delightful story of a young AND short kid who joined the Army to be in the Military Police Corps. Set in post-war Korea and pre-war Vietnam Wayne brings out the innocence of the time and also his spirit to be accepted in what becomes a "tall" mans world. Wayne gets into the Corps just days before the minimum height requirement is raised. He's hounded by a vengeful and vindictive Sergeant who doubts his ability, and falls in love with a girl who ironically turns out to be this very Sergeant's daughter. Cleverly written and imaginative the book will carry you through to it's end as well as leave you hanging waiting for Wayne's next installment of his quest to prove his mettle and prove himself. I liked it.”

The Last of the Short MPs: Volume 1
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The Last of the Short MPs: Volume 2
Wayne Lennon  More Info

According to the book description of The Last of the Short MPs: Volume 2, “It is 1962 and Ray Holland, the last of the short MPs, finds himself on a troopship sailing to Alaska. Nineteen years old, a recent graduate of MP school, he has the world by the tail. The problem is that he is hanging on to it for dear life. Barely surviving his first tumultuous year, the danger level rises as he meets up with his former nemesis, a military police sergeant known as King Richard." Holland's sense of humor helps him through some rough times, but will that be enough? His tour of duty presents him with conflict, choices, mayhem and some important friendships. Does he have what it takes to survive the winters, the moose, MP company parties, racism and a new love interest? Come and take a humorous and raw look inside the Military Police Corps, as seen by a short MP, determined to succeed.”

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