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Wayne Allen Mulholland

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Wayne Allen Mulholland “was born in Iowa and moved to California at age 10. He grew up in Fresno where he graduated from high school and did two years college. He worked for several years on the Southern Pacific Railroad as a fireman/engineer. Induction into the United States Army for two years occurred before he eventually became and had a career as an officer with the California Highway Patrol. He began writing on a dare from his wife and enjoyed it so much he couldn’t stop. After retiring he moved to the State of Washington. He now lives alone nine miles east of Bellingham along the shore of Lake Whatcom.” Wayne Allen Mulholland is the author of Temporal Rift, Galeea, Dakota Territory and Falcon of Excalibur.

According to the book Falcon of Excalibur, “The distant future. Earthlings and our closest neighbors, the Noriellians of Alpha Centauri are allies. A sneak attack by the Procyon send them into an inter-galactic war.Marshall Everett, Capt of the battle cruiser Excalibur and Brenerin Cereianna, Capt of the cruiser Aurora are sent into deep enemy territory. Along the way they manage to fall in love.”

According to one reader Falcon of Excalibur, “I have read both books by the author W. Allen Mulholland. They are sci/fi with a romantic thread woven through each novel. I have to say they were two of the most delightful books I have ever had the honor to read. Highly interesting, great story lines, delightfully romantic. I cannot say enough good things about these books and I can hardly wait for his third novel to come out.”

According to the book Galeea, “The story of an alien woman coming to Earth for unknown reasons and meeting a man from SETI.”

According to the book Dakota Territory, “The township of Cheyenne Falls, Dakota Territory, 1875. A ranch owner and friend of the President asks for some help with the lawlessness going on in the territory. The President sends United States Marshal, James Vaughn to investigate the matter. Vaughn arrives and finds the town and territory to be overrun with road agents, troublemakers, loose women, unhappy Indians, a corrupt Sheriff and another ranch owner bent on running things his way. Vaughn begins the cleanup of the town with the help of a young deputy sent to him by his friend Virgil Earp and an ex-janitor hired by the previous sheriff. He also meets a girl, a dance hall girl with a past. What happens between them and the territory of the Dakota"s will entertain readers to no end.”

According to the book description of Temporal Rift, “Science Fiction at it's best. Story of a madman seeking revenge against an agent of the National Security Agency. How he achieves it and the outcome make for edge of your seat reading.”

Temporal Rift
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Dakota Territory
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Falcon of Excalibur
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