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Teresa Bodwell

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Teresa Bodwell “served in the U.S. Army where she helped make the world safe for John Phillip Sousa marches, playing with the Continental Army Band (now called the TRADOC band).” Teresa Bodwell is the author of is the author of Loving Mercy and Loving Miranda.  She is also a co-author of My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.

Booklist said of Loving Miranda, “In this sequel toLoving Mercy (2005), a year has passed, and a pregnant Mercy Clark is living a contented ranching life with her husband, Thaddeus Buchanan, and their adopted son. But soon their serene existence is shattered by the appearance of Mercy's sister, Miranda, her beautiful face scarred, and Benjamin Lansing, the brother of Mercy's deceased, abusive neighbor. Benjamin has come to the Colorado Territory to check on his orphaned nephew, the boy Mercy and Thad adopted. A wartime accident that cost Benjamin his fingers has also ended his career as an artist, so he's there to collect money he thinks the Buchanans have. After the attack that disfigured her face and killed her unborn child, Miranda needs to be with family and is shocked to be falling for another man, let alone Benjamin. With her spirited heroines, courageous heroes, and aura of distrust, Bodwell has written a worthy tale that can stand on its own, but libraries will want to have both titles.”


One reader of Loving Miranda said, “Teresa Bodwell has managed to top herself in this sequel to Loving Mercy--LOVING MIRANDA has it all: a heroine scarred physically and emotionally but with the courage to lift her chin (and point her rifle)to defend both family and her belief in second chances; a crippled and brooding artist hero who learns the art of real love; the return of much-loved secondary characters and a nastier-than-ever villain-- AND a tender and an unexpected miracle that reminds us--poignantly--of the blessings of family. LOVING MIRANDA is a fabulous read and I applaud Ms. Bodwell's work--Bravo!”


One reader of Loving Mercy said, “It seems that Western Romance is back on the upswing and this turn around is due to several new books that have come out in recent months. Teresa Bodwell's debut effort is a read that I would recommend if you enjoy western romance and engaging characters.


Without going into great detail this is a story of one woman who has choosen to lead a life that...well, lets just say she runs a cattle ranch and wears trousers and is tall and rather curvy. In other words she is not a dainty little thing waiting to be rescued. She is on a trip to Abiline to sell her cattle when she has a run in with Thad Buchanan. Thad needs someone to lead him into Colorado so he can see his sister. He is desperate to get there but not fool-hardy enough to make the trek not knowing the way. He has no idea that he has just taken a step in the direction of his future. But first he must make sure that the sassy, and sexy Mercy has her say...


Mercy and Thad were fun characters. I love a good western romance (the setting, the time period) and this story managed to feed that need. I look forward to reading Ms. Bodwell again in the future. For a debut effort this was a good strong read.”

Loving Mercy (Zebra Debut)
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Loving Miranda (Zebra Historical Romance)
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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
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Booklist said of Loving Mercy, “It's 1867, and Thaddeus Buchanan, a poker-playing Civil War veteran, needs a guide to get him from Abilene, Kansas, to his sister's house in Fort Victory, 500 miles away in the Colorado Territory. Mercy Clark, a widowed rancher, is on her way back to Fort Victory, too, and she also needs a traveling companion since she is carrying quite a bit of cash from the sale of her beef. Mercy needs every penny of it to pay the money she owes her evil, greedy neighbor. Unfortunately, this neighbor will resort to any measure--legal or otherwise--to get her land, and that includes murder. Part of Kensington's new Zebra Debut line, this is an impressive first book. Readers who dote on the spunky heroines in the exciting tales of the Old West by Jodi Thomas (The Texan's Wager, 2002; When a Texan Gambles, 2003; A Texan's Luck [BKL N 15 2004]) will enjoy Bodwell's spirited tale of a courageous woman and the man she tries very hard not to love.”


According to the book description of My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, “Sheriff Matthew Knight is the perfect hero for Andrea Jackson's next dime novel, or so she thinks. His outlaw busting exploits may be larger than life, but the man behind the badge is more complicated than she bargained for. What's a writer to do when she needs a story, and her scowling subject is reluctant to open up? Boston-bred heiress Henrietta never imagined she would race a horse one thousand miles across open land disguised as a boy. But then, she never believed her parents would arrange a marriage for her she would have to run away to escape. However, there's no escape from her toughest competition, expert rider and champion wrangler Comanche Jones. She needs that prize money - almost as much as she finds herself wanting him...Stranded in a town called Hell Gate without a penny to her name, Isabelle Milton is relieved that circumstances haven't forced her into something truly desperate not yet, anyway. She's run out of options when gorgeous Lucas Warring rides into town like the answer to a prayer.”

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