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Ted Spain

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Colonel Ted Spain, USA (ret.) is “a native of Wendell, North Carolina and entered the Army as a Private First Class. He is an inductee into both the US Army Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame and the US Army Military Police Regimental Hall of Fame. Before joining the Army he was a police officer in Greenville, North Carolina.

In the Army he served in key leadership positions, culminating as Commander of the 18th Military Police Brigade during the ground war and first year of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is currently the Director of the Tactical Force Operations Division, at the Department of Energy s Savannah River Site, a major storage site for special nuclear material and resides in Aiken,South Carolina.”  Colonel Ted Spain is the co-author of Breaking Iraq: The Ten Mistakes that Broke Iraq.

According to the book description of Breaking Iraq: The Ten Mistakes that Broke Iraq, “Ted Spain and Terry Turchie are two of the smartest, most decorated police and military experts around. In Breaking Iraq, they have collaborated on a riveting examination of the Iraq War through Spain s experience as 18th Military Police Brigade commander. The picture they draw is a harsh, highly readable, and altogether gripping account of how American authorities, who botched so many things, failed at the most fundamental requirement of all: policing and public safety. When the final history of the war is written, this volume - rich in authentic detail and you-are-there storytelling will provide powerful illumination of failed leadership and the strategic military importance of being effective cops as well as fighting soldiers. --David Winton, Producer of the National Geographic Channel's "Interrogating Saddam."


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