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Scott E. Becker

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Scott E. Becker was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Reserve after graduating with his BS from Central Michigan University. After leaving the U.S Army, Scott Becker worked in Michigan's Upper Peninsula's infamous, maximum security prison. He then spent twelve-years as a private investigator and security consultant. After a potentially fatal confrontation with members of organized crime in Detroit Michigan, he decided attending Cooley Law School wouldn't be all that bad an alternative. He taught martial arts and continued to work as an investigator to pay his way through law school. After graduation he was appointed as a prosecutor in northern Michigan. Scott E. Becker is the author of Murder in the Land of Ojibwe.

According to the book description of Murder in the Land of Ojibwe, “Tom Howard faces a moral dilemma; he has sworn as a prosecuting attorney to uphold the law.  But when his best friend is shot and dies in his arms, he must decide whether he is going to act as an officer of the court or is he going to take a hand investigating the murder as he would have when he was a private investigator and bounty hunter; when the law was something to get around.”

One reader of Murder in the Land of Ojibwe said, “Becker has a highly developed sense of combining the real world with fiction that encourages his readers to use their minds. His clues are cleverly concealed keeping the reader on edge and wanting more. The dialogue is delivered in a homespun down to earth manner that makes it all that more effective and enjoyable.  While expertly resolving all the major issues presented in his tale, that are based on real life events. Becker manages to leave his readers with just a touch of the mystical.”

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One reader of Murder in the Land of Ojibwe said, “Becker, who was an accomplished, prosecutor, investigator, academic, adventurer, photographer and oil man before he made his writing debut, poses some interesting questions which are not easily answered in fiction or in the real the life drama on which the book is based, in A Dead Man's Tale but is always leaving you wanting more.”

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