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Saul Silas Fathi

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Saul Silas Fathi was born in Iraq to a Jewish family.  In 1948, at the age 10, he and his brother were smuggled out of Iraq, through Iran to the newly formed State of Israel.  In 1958, he immigrated to Brazil.  In 1960, he immigrated to the United States where he joined the US Army.  After basic and advanced training, he served with the 1st Cavalry Division, 15th Aviation Company in South Korea.  At the conclusion of this military obligation, he earned BS in Electrical Engineering; served as a high-level executive in several Fortune 500 Companies; and, formed several of his own high-tech firms.  Saul Silas Fathi is the author of Full Circle: Escape from Baghdad and the Return; and, History of The Jews and Israel.


According to the book description of Full Circle: Escape from Baghdad and the Return, it “chronicles a prominent Iraqi Jewish family's escape from persecution through the journey of one family member: A 10-years old boy who witnesses public hangings and the 1941 Krystalnacht (Farhood) in Baghdad. After a harrowing escape from Iraq through Iran, this boy begins a life-long search for meaning and his place in the world. His journey takes him to the newly-formed State of Israel, then to Brazil and finally to the United States. He joins the U.S. Army and serves in Korea and returns to a fascinating career in three Fortune-500 companies. Following September 11, 2001, he volunteers to work for the F.B.I. Genre: Youth and adult, anyone interested in the history of the Middle-East, the Jewish people, and Sephardic life under Islam.”

Full Circle: Escape from Baghdad and the Return
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History of The Jews and Israel
Saul, Silas Fathi  More Info

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