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Robert Searle

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Lieutenant Robert Searle, served in the United States Army for three years, including a tour in Vietnam, “spent approximately 23 years in law Enforcement after serving in the Vietnam War. Most of that time was with the Oakland California Police Department. There he worked as a Patrol Officer; as a Field Training Officer; Undercover Agent for The Federal Organized Crime Task Force; Sergeant in Patrol; and as a Sergeant in Major Narcotics Violators Unit of The Vice Squad.”  Bob Searle is the author of Streets of Fire: Confessions of an Oakland Cop.

According to the book description of Streets of Fire: Confessions of an Oakland Cop, “The release of Streets of Fire could not be better timed; we need his story now! If you are COP (i.e., Constable on Patrol) Bob understands you. If you like intrigue, grit, excitement and nail biting action, read on! If you are a father, Bob's a great example: his three sons prove that. If you are a young person looking for a role-model, Bob's book is for you. If you are a hooker being controlled by your pimp, or an addiction, please read on. If you are a College student looking for a quick and exciting read, this is it! Or, if you are simply tired of insipid books that don't carry much weight nor deliver much punch, and you are looking for a book that delivers entertainment, counsel, intrigue, suspense, and-the occasional shock factor--then this book is for you!”

Streets of Fire
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One reader of Streets of Fire: Confessions of an Oakland Cop said, “Four Oakland cops were recently killed in the line of duty. This book shows the public what some cops do in helping citizens that we never hear about. Very interesting, a GREAT book!”

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