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Robert P. Sables

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Lieutenant Colonel Robert P. Sables, USA (ret.) “holds degrees from the University of Scranton and Fordham University School of Social Service. He is retired form the New York Department of Probation and the United States Army Reserve where he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He is a frequent contributor to Sea Classics magazine. Lieutenant Colonel Robert P. Sables is the author of Mates Forever: USS Wasmuth and USS Ramapo.


According to the book description of Mates Forever: USS Wasmuth and USS Ramapo, “This book describes the naval career of the USS Wasmuth, a destroyer built shortly after WWI. With her service no longer needed, she is assigned to the "Red Lead Fleet" in San Diego Harbor. Recalled to active service in 1930, she was assigned to the Pacific Battle Force which later relocated to Pearl Harbor. With the influx of modern "Gold Plate" destroyers, the Navy converted the Wasmuth into a light-speed minesweeper. The Wasmuth was present that fateful December morning when the Japanese forces attacked the Hawaiian Islands. She was credited with downing a Japanese torpedo bomber. After a convoy run to the states, she was assigned to the windswept, desolate Aleutian Islands for escort duty. On December 27, 1942, during a furious winter storm, depth charges on the main deck got loose -exploded and ripped off her stern. The heroic actions of an accompanying Navy tanker, the USS Ramapo, took the sting out of the disaster by rescuing the entire crew. Throughout the years, the crews have remained in close contact and will be Mates Forever.”

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