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Robert F. Otti

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Captain Robert F. Otti, USA (ret.) is the author of The Master, The Miracle, and Malchus: A Biblical Adventure; Let He Who Is Without Sin; and, Murder in The Temple.


According to the book description of The Master, The Miracle, and Malchus: A Biblical Adventure, it “is a thrilling Christian adventure. In his third in a series of four novels, Otti masterfully weaves the tale of Malchus, the Gentile slave of the Chief Priest in John 18:10. According to the Gospels, Malchus was ordered to put his hands on Jesus to arrest him. But the faithful Peter sliced off the ear of Malchus in an attempt to protect the Son of God. Read the enticing saga and see for yourself how the miraculous healing by Christ affected Malchus. His life is an intriguing story of faith that takes the reader through the Gospels - meeting various biblical characters and witnessing numerous memorable events on the way.”


According to the book description of Let He Who Is Without Sin, “Nearly every Christian has read about the woman in John 8 who was caught in the act of adultery and was about to be stoned to death by an angry crowd. But Jesus saved her life when he authorized her stoning, but only allowed the person who had never before sinned to cast the first stone. But the Gospel of John does not tell us just who this woman was and what happened to her after this dramatic meeting with Christ. The author was intrigued by this story as written in John 8, and thought he would write what might have happened to this wayward lady. He came up with an interesting story, with adventure and romance. A story that you will find hard to lay aside until you finish it.”

Let He Who Is Without Sin
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The Master, The Miracle and Malchus
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Murder in the Temple: A Biblical Mystery
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