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Robert N. Leary

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Lieutenant Colonel Robert N. Leary, USA (ret.) “was a career Army Officer having served 24 years, with two tours in Vietnam as an Infantry Officer and Green Beret. He was also a police officer in Berlin for almost 20 years.”  As a police officer with the Berlin Police Department (Vermont), Robert N. Leary rose the rank of Detective.  Lieutenant Colonel Robert N. Leary was “a graduate of Norwich University and earned a Master's degree in Criminal Justice from Union Institute.” He died on October 2, 2008.  (Northfield News) Lieutenant Colonel Robert N. Leary is the author of Laughs from Nam: Foxhole Humor and Choke Point.  He is also the co-author of The Insurance Policy.

According to the book description of Choke Point, “Larry Han, the leader of the Black Scorpions, a worldwide Chinese criminal gang, has embarked upon a fiendish plot that threatens to throw the world into a catastrophic crisis. Using a diabolical device he acquired, he is threatening to block ten major maritime choke points and extort millions of dollars from international maritime companies. Unfortunately, he does not comprehend the forces he has unleashed. His scheme rapidly escalates out of control. To prevent a major international confrontation the ISC, the watchdogs for a secret group of economic giants, is directed to investigate the plot, uncover the leaders, and eliminate the threat, without alarming the public. Events proceed from the development of an undetectable underwater mine, the murder of the developer and the interception of the ship carrying them. Events flow from the Panama Canal, to San Francisco, Vermont, Germany and finally to a fiery climax in the pacific off the Fijian Islands.”


According to the book description of Laughs from Nam: Foxhole Humor, “General media representation of the Vietnam War has been full of depressing storylines often unfairly degrading the soldiers who fought there. Although there were exceptions, the majority of the amazing Americans who served there did their duty honorably, and fought for their country, unit, and comrades. Regardless of the time, the infantryman's world remains the same: nasty, primitive, barbaric, and personal. However, foot soldiers have a great sense of humor even during moments of great adversity. Laughter is great medicine. In combat, it is tension release value that allows them to make their lives livable. Laughs from Nam contains seventeen short stories about true events with humorous components in which the author was involved. The stories poke fun at the author as well as many of the great guys he served with. There is some understandable dark humor in several stories, considering the abnormal environment of infantry combat.”

Laughs from Nam: Foxhole Humor
Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Robert N. Leary  More Info

Choke Point
Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Robert N. Leary  More Info

The Insurance Policy
Melissa Jacobsen  More Info

According to the book description of The Insurance Policy, “The five-year-old son of the President of the United States is kidnapped. Ed Downing, head of the Secret Service Presidential detail is unexpectedly thrown into the middle of a shadow world of intrigue, of international financial empires. He is confronted by facts from his past; that will forever change his future, as well as the future of millions of others around the world. He comes face to face with an anonymous group of individuals who wield unbelievable power, and can control the rise and fall of nations. However, one in that group wants it all, and implements a fiendish plan to eliminate the others, without causing worldwide alarm. Unknown to the usurper, a top-secret defense mechanism exists. It swings into action to identify the threat, and eliminate it. The story flows from Washington, D.C. to Vermont, South Africa, the Mediterranean, and, finally, to the German Alps for the climactic ending.”

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