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Richard Schiver

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Richard Schiver served in the United States Army from 1976 until 1981.  He was station in the US as well as West Germany, with three armored combat units; 2nd Armored Division; 1st Cavalry Division and 1st Infantry Division. Richard Schiver is the author of Shadows of the Past and Adversary : Some Things are Better Left Undiscovered.

According to the book description of Shadows of the Past, it “is not just a story of ancient gods seeking a return to their former glory. It delves into the power the past has over all of us. How it can shape our lives and change them for the better, or the worst.  Beneath the central story are the struggles of two men on opposite sides of the battle between good and evil. Jack Griffith has given himself completely to the shadows of his own past that have haunted him since that day, as a young man in South East Asia, he walked hand in hand with the beast that resides deep in his soul. For Sam Hardin the guilt he feels over his inability to protect his wife breathes life into her ghost that haunts him nightly with dreams of what could have been. His son, wounded in the event that killed his wife, serves as a constant reminder of his failure.”

According to the book description of Adversary : Some Things are Better Left Undiscovered, “For Washington, D.C Homicide Detective, Sam Hardin, it begins as a run of the mill murder investigation that quickly snowballs into a battle to protect his family, and the world from the echoes of a distant past.  For disable Viet-Nam vetern, Jack Griffith, it begins when he is accidently stabbed by an alien knife brought back from the frozen wastes of Antarctica. Invaded by the essence of a long dead race he is compelled to follow the swarm, to repopulate the planet with his own kind, and seek out the only one who can stand in his way. A brain damaged four year old whose fathomless black eyes hold close the secrets that lie beyond the border dividing life from death.”


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