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Richard A. Kuhlbars

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Colonel Richard A. Kuhlbars, USA (ret.) is the co-author of Silent Wounds: The Hidden Cost of War.  According to the book description, this book “was written as a result of Daniels, Howden, and Kuhlbars' personal experiences as military family members and chaplains. The book deals with the impact of war on the human being. Filled with the latest research it is written in a way that brings understanding to the silent wounding experienced by so many of our military, their families, and friends. No one is untouchable and as more and more return from the sometimes horrific events of war there is a growing need for acknowledgment and understanding. Through the pages you will get to know a young couple, Luke and Jennifer. They are fictional although based on real people and events. You will experience their pain and feel their anguish as they strive to return to some sense of normalcy, give perspective to their experiences and live as a family again.”

Silent Wounds: The Hidden Cost of War
Emily Howden, Richard Kuhlbars James Daniels  More Info

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