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Raymond C. Morris

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Lieutenant Colonel Raymond C. Morris, USA (ret.) “served three tours in Vietnam and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Special Forces in 1986. His military professional credits include the Bronze Star, Cross of Gallantry/Silver Star, Air Medal, Legion of Merit, Army Commendation Medal, Royal Thai Army Fordgr., Master Parachutist Badge, Combat Infantry Badge, Ranger Tab, and Special Forces Tab. He is a member of the Army Special Forces Association and the Army Special Operations Group Association (SOG).” Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Morris is the author of The Ether Zone: U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment B-52, Project Delta; Tender Prey; and, Don't Make the Blackbirds Cry.

According to the book description of The Ether Zone: U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment B-52, Project Delta, “Project Delta and its clandestine special reconnaissance operations proved to be one of the most successful Special Operation units of the Vietnam War, yet few Americans have ever heard of them, or know that this unit's operational model was precursor for the renowned Delta Force. This small unit of less than 100 U.S. Army Special Forces amassed a record for bravery that rivals few. For the first time, the Project Delta 'Quiet Professionals' finally share their amazing story. Highly trained as experts in special reconnaissance techniques and procedures, the covert Project Delta missions were accomplished through recon team insertions into enemy territory. As the primary sources of intelligence collection for Project Delta, these tough and tenacious recon men recount hair-raising adventures from personal recollections. The Ether Zone is certain to appeal to those with an interest in Special Operations Group, the Vietnam War, special operations and military history in general.”


One reader of The Ether Zone: U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment B-52, Project Delta said, “First off, I'm a former Marine that was at Mai Loc from 1 Sept 69 to 4 Oct 69, and had the honor to be attached to Detachment B-52,  Project Delta for Operation Trojan Horse I & II. And I have to say  thank you to those SFs that I served with there. After finding out  more about this special group of Soldiers, I am very humbled and proud  to say I had the privilege to serve with them.  After wondering what was going on and who was I with for many years, this book filled in more pieces of the puzzle for me.  R.C. Morris did an excellent job in writing this book and doing the research to make it factual. Highly recommend it for reference or just plain reading to understand what was going on. It is not a dry read.  Just go buy the book, it's a hellava read. Sleep tight, the worlds best military is protecting our freedom!”


According to the book description of Don't Make the Blackbirds Cry, “After breaking into the general store, fourteen-year old Cory Sonnet witnesses five men brutally rape and murder three teenage girls; one white and two black. He recognizes the fourth one as the sheriff’s son. The fifth remains in the shadows. Terrified, he runs. Who would ever believe him, a boy from the “awful Sonnet family”. Twenty years later, with a successful journalistic career and a Pulitzer Prize under his belt, he learns the remains of one of those men had been found in an abandoned well. Latent memories return to haunt him. Tormented, he returns to Mississippi to reveal the killers’ identities and disclose the true story. When one of the murderers is the elected sheriff his problems compound. Then the Klan reacts violently, simmering racial hatreds boil over, and corrupt politics interfere. When a killer begins to stalk him, and a new romance jolts him with a surprising jagged edge, his task becomes even more daunting.”


One reader of Don't Make the Blackbirds Cry said, “If you read one book this year...make it this one. I just finished reading "Don't Make the Blackbirds Cry" and found it to be the most exciting and suspenseful novel by a novice author to date. R.C. Morris' gift for being a descriptive and developmental novelist takes you inside the story, making you feel like you are a spectator watching the shocking events that are constantly unfolding in the seemingly quaint little town of Logan, Mississippi. This book contains all of the characteristics that make for a great thriller. Watch out John Grisham!”

The Ether Zone: U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment B-52, Project Delta
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Don't Make the Blackbirds Cry
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Tender Prey
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According to the book description of Tender Prey, “Have you ever known someone who has been sexually abused? Do you think they'd be conscious of the effects these childhood perversions might have on adult behavior? Do you ever question what could possibly motivate the bizarre acts you learn about your friends and neighbors who appear so normal? Then you'll want to meet Corky! Fear grips Seattle! It's clear a deranged serial killer is on the loose in Seattle, but the police are stumped when MO patterns just don't jive. There are few clues, except a possibility the perpetrator drives a dirty white van. Who is committing these heinous acts? Detective Frank Murphy gets the nod to head up the task force. Vulnerable and unnerved by the reminiscence of his own daughter's death, his life is going to hell in a hand basket anyway, but if he can get this killer off the streets it might give him some closure.


The Pacific Northwest is notorious for its share of serial killers, most notably Ted Bundy, the Hillside Strangler, Robert Lee Yates, and Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer. Morris has an extensive background in criminal justice and the behavioral sciences. What motivated them to commit their crimes interests him. Retired after 26 years as a highly decorated Army Special Forces officer, he served as a Special Investigator for Washington State and in the criminal justice system Department of Corrections.

A lifelong history enthusiast and world traveler, Ray has used his keen observation of the human condition as the catalyst for expansion of his interests into mainstream fiction. His debut novel and thriller, Don’t Make the Blackbirds Cry, has been receiving Pacific Northwest acclaim. An avid skier and fisherman, he lives with his wife in Washington and Florida. When not writing, you will find Ray on his boat.”

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