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Porcher L. Taylor, Jr.

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Colonel Porcher L. Taylor, Jr. (USA), 1971, became the first African American promoted to full colonel at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. This made him the highest-ranking black officer on post.  He served the United States in three major wars: World War II; Korean War; and, Vietnam War - in both the Navy and Army. He served in the Navy for three years and the Army for 25 years. Taylor was awarded a bachelor's degree in science from Tuskegee University. He received a master's degree from Virginia State University in the early 1960s. He was selected to enter a doctoral program at the University of South Carolina after the army voiced a need for officers trained in the field of psychological services in education. In 1972, he became one of the first two African Americans to earn a Ph.D. from the university.”  Colonel Porcher L. Taylor, Jr. is the author of Damn The Alligators: Full Speed Ahead!

Damn The Alligators Full Speed Ahead
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The MOAA said of Damn The Alligators: Full Speed Ahead!, “Taylor relates an overall positive message through the multitude of stories he weaves in his book. He shares his plethora of military experience and depicts his time serving in both the Army and Navy. Through three wars – World War II, Korea, and Vietnam – Taylor fought for the safety of his country. He experienced a number of trials and tribulations, but eventually, he grew as a person. The things he saw and the life he lived placed him on the road to becoming a “born-again” Christian. This process led to a positive change in his life, and he hopes younger generations can experience the same.”

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