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Patrick B. Langley

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Patrick B. Langley, “was raised in a small community in mid south Illinois. He left there at the age of nineteen when he enlisted in the Army. After being discharged in 1972, Langley visited various areas of the country before settling in the New Orleans La. area where he became involved in law enforcement and later met his wife. Langley was a member of one of the largest Sheriff’s Offices in the United States,” The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

While serving with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, “Langley was awarded numerous commendation medals as well as letters of commendations. Before retiring in 2006, Langley was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and held the title of Night Watch Traffic Commander. Langley now resides in northeast Texas with his wife, Wanda, who also retired from the same Agency. It was after retiring and moving to Texas, that Langley was encouraged by friends and family to document some of his experiences while patrolling the streets of Louisiana. From that encouragement, coupled with his love of laughter, Langley was inspired to write his first book, Tales of the Tin Man. Langley is presently researching material for his next book.


According to the book description of Tales Of The Tin Man, “Law enforcement is an honorable and rewarding profession. Being a cop can be dangerous, and unpredictable. It can also be fun and at times, lighthearted. Author Patrick Langley shares his more humorous moments while working as a police officer, as well as some stories from fellow officers in Tales Of The Tin Man. Find out how the author got the nickname “Tin Man” and the way many people view members of law enforcement. Being a cop is not an easy job and often goes unappreciated. But after working for years on the street, you learn to develop a hard shell the only way to protect yourself from the tragedy and suffering that you witness first hand every day.  This shell sometimes will take the form of humor—a weird, warp sense of humor that is very evident in these entertaining Tales Of The Tin Man.

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According to on reader of Tales Of The Tin Man, “This book was full of humor at the Deputies as well as the public. Enjoyed it very much! A must read for those who like humorous short stories.”

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