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Noonie Fortin

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First Sergeant Noonie Fortin, USA (ret.) is from New York.  In 1975, Noonie Fortin enlisted in the US Army (R).  Throughout her 22 year career she had a variety of assignments from Clerk Typist to Supply Sergeant.  Additionally, Noone Fortin was a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for the Midway Fire Department and Rescue Squad (New York).  First Sergeant Noonie Fortin is the author of: Women At Risk: We Also Served; Potpourri of War: Labors of Love Remembered; Memories of Maggie: A Legend Spanning 3 Wars; and, The Sarge's Thoughts.


According to the book description of Women At Risk: We Also Served, it “is about women who served our country since before World War II to present day. All branches of the military are included, officers and enlisted personnel, as well as women who volunteered as civilians going to a war zone, those that stayed stateside, and other loved ones. Included are clerks, drivers, heavy equipment operators, nurses, USO and ARC volunteers, and more. These women explain some of the things they did or do in the military or as civilians. They tell us why they volunteered, how their lives were changed, and answer the question, "Would I do it again?¿ More than sixty women are profiled in this book. Their stories are finally being shared-many for the first time. This book is for readers of all ages including students. It will encourage patriotism as you read each chapter. They encourage both the reader and listener to talk more and ask questions about their own family military background. Noonie Fortin realized there was a need for this type of book each time she entered a bookstore and couldn't find very many books about women who served their country.”


The Midwest Book Review said of Potpourri of War: Labors of Love Remembered, that it “is the story of Americans who were not "career military" but who loved their country and everything that America has come to stand for within the community of civilized nations. This compelling volume of wartime reminiscences ranges from the stunning to the fondly nostalgic to the profound. Here are the stories of the women of World War II -- the USO performers, military personnel, Red Cross Workers, Hollywood celebrities, as well as the legions of mothers of sons and daughters gave up their lives in the defense of their country on far flung battlefields. Potpourri Of War is a timely and much needed contribution -- both as a remembrance of things past, and a clarion reminder of how we can meet the demands of war that have suddenly come upon us in our own time.”


According to the book description of Memories of Maggie: A Legend Spanning 3 Wars, it is the “unique story of Martha Raye and her military experience.”

Potpourri of War: Labors of Love Remembered
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Memories of Maggie: A Legend Spanning 3 Wars
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Women At Risk: We Also Served
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The sarge's thoughts
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