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Mark Schuckert

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Mark Schuckert “grew up in the mountains of northern California, breathing free and fresh air along with hunting and fishing, became a wildland firefighter before joining the US Navy and served onboard the USS Valley Forge, LPH-8. He made raids up and down the coast of Vietnam. Afterwards, taught ship’s engineering to reservists, graduated from Humboldt State University, joined the California National Guard, commissioned infantry and transferred to the Army Corp of Engineers; and finished his career as a company commander. Later, he moved to the beautiful state of Idaho.”  Mark Schuckert is the author of Blood for Blood.

According to the book description of Blood for Blood, “It is fictional yet deals with two of the greatest of all American governmental frauds, the Vietnam War, the drug war and their effects on ordinary Americans and patriotic soldiers. It opens in prologue with a deputy police chief examining a crime scene. A U.S. senator and four others have been shot down on the front steps of a county courthouse in a small city in northern California. The deputy chief believes the senator was the primary target because he is shot in the back dead-center between the shoulder blades. Officers find where the shots came from and the deputy chief arrives and is led to a small empty room still smelling of burnt gunpowder. The chief finds an empty cartridge case in the caliber .300 Winchester Magnum. With this, he remembers many years before where a similar rifle cartridge was used, not in defense, but to deliberately ambush law-enforcement personnel on a marijuana plantation raid.”


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